Leakage of water in the primary cooling system of AERE Reasearch Centre

On the morning of 14 July 1997 during the pre-start-up surveillance, it was found that the reactor pool water level had dropped by about 7.5 cm. The loss rate was increasing. On subsequent investigation it was detected that a portion of N-16 decay tank had got corroded/perforated. the leakage rate has presently been contained to 50 gallons per day. Total loss of primary water till to date (24.7.97) is estimated to be about 650 gallons. No fission but the only activated product Co-58 of about 27 Bq/litre so far has been found in the leaked water. The water is being contained and the incident is being further assessed and investigated. The leakage is expected to be stopped at an early date.

Event date: Mon, 14-07-1997
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