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Energy in the Netherlands

AuteurMin. EZ
Datumaugustus 1992
Classificatie (ALGEMEEN)

Uit de publicatie:

Energy in the Netherlands
"Energy in the Netherlands" is an introduction to
the energy policy of a small, prosperous and
densely populated country. A country which is
characterized not only by windmills and polders but
also by refineries and ports. The importance of
energy in the Netherlands emerges from the fact
that the total energy costs in this country amount to
almost 40 billion guilders against a gross national
product of 509 billion guilders (1990). lt also
emerges for example from the possession of an
important energy resource: natural gas. Since 1974,
the cumulative income to the Netherlands State
generated by natural gas has exceeded 200 billion
After the former USSR, the USA and Canada, the
Netherlands is the world's fourth biggest producer
of natural gas. Accordingly, Dutch natural gas
makes an important contribution to Dutch energy
supplies as well as to those of Europe as a whole.
The Netherlands also plays an important role in
supplying crude oil to Western Europe. This role is
related to the refining and transport of oil
originating from abroad. Although the windmills
from times past may suggest otherwise, the role of
wind energy is nevertheless a limited one.
Coal, gas, oil, nuclear, wind ... each of these forms
of energy has its own potentials and its own
limitations. Indeed, to decide on the best possible
"energy package" is one of the challenges to
energy policy. After all, one of the tasks of that
policy is to make sure that future generations will
also be able to meet their energy requirements.
Creating the conditions for an affordable, reliable
and clean energy supply, today and tomorrow, is
therefore to be regarded as the key message of
"Energy in the Netherlands".

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