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The Netherlands. Short Country Report

AuteurE.Berkers, HONESt
Datumfebruari 2017
Classificatie (ALGEMEEN)
Opmerking HONEST, History of Nuclear Energy and Society

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The Netherlands
Short Country Report
AUTHOR Eric Berkers
BENEFICIARY Eindhoven University of Technology
Version: February 2017
HONESt, History of Nuclear Energy and Society

Executive summary
This report belongs to a collection of 20 short country reports on the History of 
Nuclear Energy and Society (HoNESt, project Ref.662268). The reports tackle the 
complex sociotechnical system around nuclear energy. Nuclear developments, notably 
nuclear energy, are closely intertwined with social, economic, environmental, 
political and cultural spheres. Nuclear energy is also a globalized system 
involving transnational transfers of knowledge, materials, technologies, people 
and products including electrical power, medical elements, toxic wastes and other 
environmental hazards, materials, capacities and knowledge that must be carefully 
safeguarded. Nuclear energy is a complex social and technological phenomenon that 
influences societies but is also shaped by societies.
The short country reports are designed to assemble information and research 
results on the history of the relations between nuclear energy and society about 
all the different country cases in an accessible manner, and to document the 
findings with references.
The purpose of the country reports is threefold, addressing three different 
1. to provide basic elements of narrative and analysis for further historical 
research by HoNESt researchers,
2. to provide information, context and background for further analysis for 
HoNESt’s social science researchers,
3. to provide accessible information on nuclear-societal relations in the various 
countries for the purposes of outreach and communication with stakeholders 
(civil society, industry, associations, policy makers, journalists).