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Carbon emissions and costs associated with subsidizing New York nuclear instead of replacing it with renewables

AuteurF.Cebulla, M.Z.Jacobson
Datumaugustus 2018

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Article history:                                       We compare the cost of maintaining a proposed subsidy for New York's three upstate nuclear power
Received 31 March 2018                                 plants with the cost of replacing the plants with renewable technologies from 2016 to 2050. Keeping
Received in revised form                               nuclear operating with subsidy until 2050 is the most expensive option, costing $32.4 billion (2014 USD)
19 July 2018
                                                       over that period in the base business as usual case. The least expensive option is to shut down nuclear
Accepted 30 August 2018
Available online 7 September 2018
                                                       today and replace it with onshore wind, saving $7.9 billion. All analyzed renewable scenarios lead to 20.1
                                                       to 27.4 Mt CO2 greater life-cycle emission reductions. In addition, re-investing the cost savings of the
                                                       renewable scenarios into additional onshore wind increase CO2 savings up to 32.5 Mt.
Energy systems decarbonization