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Climate change and why nuclear power can’t fix it

AuteurBeyond Nuclear
Datumseptember 2018

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Climate change and why nuclear power can’t fix it
Beyond Nuclear
September 2018


As any activist engaged in anti-nuclear advocacy knows, nuclear
power is a complex topic. It can be challenging to describe all the
various dangers and detriments in simple, concise language.
To address this, we have created a series of booklets that, taken together, comprise The
Case Against Nuclear Power: Facts and Arguments from A-Z.

Each booklet presents simplified, boiled down explanations of the topic at hand.
We also rebut the false pro-nuclear propaganda in circulation. And we endeavor to
help everyone – whether a long time campaigner or an ingenue – feel confident about
their ability to articulate the facts, and to do so in compelling and non-technical

Each booklet will be posted to the Beyond Nuclear International website when
completed and will also be available as a standalone piece in print. Once all the
booklets are completed, the entire work may be downloaded as a single handbook. The
content of each booklet is documented through references and footnotes.
In assembling such a wealth of information, omissions will be inevitable. The status
of nuclear power is also constantly changing and some of these facts and figures may
quickly go out of date. We encourage you to find the updates on line.
By necessity, some sections focus mainly on the US. However, many if not most
of the facts and arguments are universally true. We encourage you to use and share
these booklets widely. They are also freely available to download and reprint without