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Battle of the grids: Report 2011: How Europe can go 100% renewable and phase out dirty energy

AuteurGreenpeace Int., Jan Vande Putte, R.Short

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Battle of
the Grids
Report 2011

                                    Climate change

How Europe can go 100 % renewable
and phase out dirty energy
cover image Wind turbine with pile of                                                       image Aerial photo of the PS10
coal on the foreground, Vlissingen,                                                    Concentrating Solar Thermal Power
the Netherlands.                                                                   Plant. The solar radiation, mirror design
                                                                                  plant is capable of producing 23 GWh of
© Greenpeace / philip reynaers                                                        electricity which is enough to supply
                                                                                           power to a population of 10,000.

                                                                                       © Greenpeace / Markel redondo

Battle of the Grids
report 2011
Introduction                                     4   For more information contact:
Key findings                                      5   Authors:
                                                     Jan Van De Putte and Rebecca Short
The Energy [R]evolution in Europe                6
How the electricity system works                 8
                                                     Jan Beránek, Frauke Thies, Sven Teske
Battle of the grids - what’s the big barrier?   10
                                                     Edited by:
New research: renewable Europe 24/7             13   Alexandra Dawe and Jack Hunter
The new energy map for Europe                   16   Design and layout:
                                           , Sweden.
Six steps to build the grid for                 20
renewable Europe 24/7
The inflexible, di