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Strategic Environmental Assessment Pallas

AuteurPallas, Arcadis, NRG
Datumoktober 2017
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Strategical Environmental Assessment PALLAS
October 2017
Pallas, Arcadis, NRG

The Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor, hereinafter
referred to as PALLAS, intends to construct a multifunctional
nuclear reactor in the municipality of Schagen, suitable for
three core activities:
• producing medical isotopes.
• producing industrial radioisotopes.
• conducting technological nuclear research.
Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor: PALLAS
The PALLAS project was the initiative of a group of companies
and research institutions early in 2004: Mallinckrodt Medical
(now called Curium), Reactor Institute Delft (part of TU
Delft) and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
EC-JRC). NRG formed a project team for this purpose, in 2009,
and published a PALLAS start memo on 17 November 2009.
The former minister for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
(VROM) issued guidelines for the SEA in June 2010.
Until late 2013, PALLAS was therefore a project organization
under the auspices of NRG (a subsidiary of the ECN Energy research
Center of the Netherlands), the operator of the existing
research reactor (HFR). As of 16 December 2013, the project
became the responsibility of an independent foundation: the
Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor1 (see also the Articles
of Association of the said foundation [1]).
The Foundation Preparation PALLAS-reactor was formed with
the purpose of 'realization of the first stage (tender, design
and permits) plus the attraction of private financing for the
second and third stages (construction and operation) of the
PALLAS-reactor'. The Foundation can be converted into a
company once private parties have been contracted for the
construction (phase 2) and operation (phase 3) activities. For
the realization of stage 1, the foundation is financed via loans
from the National and Provincial governments [2].

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