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Treaty of Almelo

AuteurUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Datummaart 1970
Classificatie (URENCO/UCN - ALGEMEEN)
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Agreement between the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
the Federal Republic of Germany and the
Kingdom of the Netherlands
on Collaboration in the Development and Exploitation of the
Gas Centrifuge Process for producing Enriched Uranium
Almelo, 4 March 1970

[The United Kingdom instrument of ratification was deposited on 26 March 1971
and the Agreement entered into force on 19 July 1971]
Presented to Parliament
by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
by Command of Her Majesty
October 1971

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. the Federal
Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
Regarding as a matter of great importance the supply of enriched
uranium for purposes other than the manufacture of nuclear weapons;
Considering the rapid growth to be expected in the installation of nuclear
power plants in Europe and elsewhere in the near future;
Considering the importance of developing in Europe a substantial
capacity for the enrichment of uranium in order to meet the demand for
enriched uranium to fuel such plants;
Considering the progress made. in their respective countries. in the
development of the gas centrifuge method;
Considering that development of this method on a co-operative basis will
strengthen European technological co-operation and that its joint industrial
exploitation will contribute to European economic integration;
Declaring their readiness to consider entering into collaboration with
European or other countries interested in the production of enriched
uranium by the gas centrifuge method;
Declaring furthermore their readiness to integrate their collaboration into
the framework of an enlarged European community;
Recalling the Interim Agreement on Security Procedures and Classification
signed in Almelo on 4th March. 1970.(1) and declaring their intention
to apply appropriate measures of security in fulfilment of a common
classification policy in relation to the gas centrifuge process;
Reaffirming that any co-operative arrangements will have to be consistent
with the policies of the Contracting Parties in relation to the non-proliferation
of nuclear weapons. to which they attach great importance. and with their
international obligations in this field. and that appropriate international
safeguards will be applied thereto;