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The economic viability of nuclear power in the Netherlands.

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Datumfebruari 2010
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             c Viability of Nuclear Power in The
  The Economic                                he Netherlands

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The Economic Viability of Nuclear Power in The Netherlands

Delta has announced      Background and Introduction – Utility Company Delta recently announced it has started the
plans for a nuclear      permitting procedure to build a new nuclear power plant in the Netherlands. Delta is one of the
power plant…
                         smaller Dutch utility companies, and is the joint owner and operator of The Netherlands’ only
                         operational nuclear power plant in Borssele. This plant was built in the mid-seventies of the last
                         century and consists of a small pressurized water reactor of 512 MW. “Borssele-II” should comprise
                         of a 2500 MW third generation nuclear reactor. Permitting procedure an