Adder: Third Opinion, September 2002

Plaats: Sydney, Australie
Datum: 1 September 2002
Omschrijving: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Calder Hall, the world's oldest nuclear power station
US uranium production fell to 2.6
Now, clean up your mess
Just chuck it around
According to a paper in confidential documents
Infant death rates jump in some towns
Who's fault's this?Green, Jim
The usual no-one-was-at-risk response
Evidence that normal levels of mobilephone radiation
Inquiries galore
More like a vanishing dot.comAdams, Tom
Secret plan to build more nukesEdwards, Rob
Not welcome here
Another blow for MOX
No compo because there's no risk
How do you check all those pipes?
Security checks cancelled
Anti-fallout pill popular
Raid on Serbia unearths massive nuclear haul
Mystery metal: DU
Hot mail
Perfect timing
Feds vs the rest
Hot scrap hits Scotland
Temporary permanence
Threat of drastic action
The US government spent $US62 million
Almost 90 percent of Britain's nuclear waste
Production over safety, again
Taiwan's stop-go Fourth Nuclear Power Plant]
Several hunderd devices containing
Fifty fish farmers demonstrated outside Wolsong
Four years after India conducted a series
A US federal appeals court
About 87,000 litres of "mildly radioactive" liquid
On May 15, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)
Can't even look after existing vets
Kids at risk
Senate votes 60-39 to approve waste dump campaigners still upbeat, vowing to figMariote, Michael
It's been revealed that in 1993 computer records
A former nuclear chemist
Money well-spent
All full up
... or are they? The waste could just stay where it is.
Pet topic: model joins anti-dumpers
Sweden's parlaiment has endorsed the government's plan
A German court has given a nuclear waste storage plant worker
On Apr. 5, a rupture of the steam
BNFL, the company which runs Sellafield
A $US110 milion fund
The European Commission is to spend 1.23 billion euros
The proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain
G8 leaders have agreed to spend $US20 billion
The price tag for the tank waste glassification project
NASA is about to start to clean up
The Tennessee Valley Authority is preparing
Lithuania has signed an agreement
Guess who picks up the tab?
Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
For the second time in four months
Britain's nuclear industry is facing a massive increase in clean up costs
Alice Stewart
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