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2010* Urenco USA Urenco USA united states - enrichment
2006-03 India’s Gas Centrifuge Program: Stopping Illicit Procurement and the Leakage of Technical Centrifuge Know-How D.Albright, Susan Basu, ISIS india - proliferation policy
1996 Лоб-Нор (Lob-Nor, radioactive contamination) M.M.Husainov kyrgyzstan
1992-07 Verdrag van Washington Nederland, United Kingdom, Germany, USA. urenco/ucn almelo - general
1992-06 Advanced design nuclear power plants: competitive, economical electricity USAEC costs
1986 Accelerators W.Kernan, USAEC miscellaneous - superconducting / cern / particles accelerators
1980 Aint no where we can run. handbook for women on nuclear mentality Susan Koen, Nina Swain general
1976 Nuclear Fuels Policy Atlantic Council USA importance worldwide
1974-11 Review of the Reactor Safety Study (WASH-1400) draft of August 1974 USAEC nuclear safety - risk analyses / risk perception
1974-08 Reactor safety study. Summary report. Draft (WASH-1400) USAEC nuclear safety - risk analyses / risk perception
1972-02 Bibliography of non-destructive assay methods for nuclear material safeguards. WASH-1170 R.R.Edwards, USAEC proliferation - non proliferation treaty - control / safeguards
1971 A bibliography of basic books on atomic energy USAEC miscellaneous - reviews (books / brochures / radio)
1968 The Atom and the Ocean USAEC miscellaneous - nuclear power at sea - submarines general / other
1965 Radioisotopes in industry P.Baker, USAEC applications radionuclides - other

*: Estimated date