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Nuclear Technology Review 2015 (GC(59)/1)


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Fifty-ninth regular session
Item 17 of the provisional agenda
Nuclear Technology Review 2015
Report by the Director General
International Atomic Energy Agency

 In response to requests by Member States, the Secretariat produces a 
comprehensive Nuclear Technology Review each year. Attached is this year’s 
report, which highlights notable developments in 2014.
 The Nuclear Technology Review 2015 covers the following select areas: 
power applications, atomic and nuclear data, accelerator and research 
reactor applications, nuclear techniques to improve animal health, medical 
radiation dosimetry, radiopharmaceuticals, isotopes in climate and 
hydrological studies, and understanding changes in the marine environment 
using nuclear techniques.
 The final version will be prepared in the light of the discussion in 
the Board of Governors and will be provided to Member States as an 
information document during the 59th regular session of the General Conference.
 Information on the IAEA’s activities related to nuclear science and 
technology can also be found in the IAEA’s Annual Report 2014 
(GC(59)/7), in particular the Technology section, and the Technical 
Cooperation Report for 2014 (GC(59)/INF/3).
 The document has been modified to take account, to the extent 
possible, of specific comments by the Board of Governors and other 
comments received from Member States.

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