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The IAEA; 35 years Promotion of Nuclear Energy

AuteurAnti-Atom-International, U.Fink, W.Neumann, T.Panten, P.Bossew, G.Mraz, A.Wenisch
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The International Atomic Energy Agency-
35 Years Promotion of Nuclear Energy ยท
A critical documentation of the Agency's Policy
prepared for Anti-Atom-International
Franz-Josefs-Kai 51
A -1010 Vienna, Austria

prepared by
Ulrike Fink, Wolfgang Neumann, Thomas Panten
Gruppe Okologie Hannover
Peter Bossew, Gabi Mraz, Antonia Wenisch
Osterreichisches Okologie-lnstitut

I. Statute, Aims and Members of the
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 2
11. IAEA Safeguards and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons 4
Ill. Promotion of the Use of Atomic Energy 7
IV. The Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster and the IAEA's
Recommendations for the Future 15
V. Nuclear Power is a Hazard to Environment and People! 16
VI. Uranium Mining & Milling & Marketing 20
vn. Transport of Radioactive Material and the Role of the IAEA 22
VIIT. Radioactive Waste Management 25
IX. Act Now! 29

This is the summary of a study which will be available at the end of the
year. The study follows the history of the IAEA. It will contain critical
discussions of the IAEA's policy and its consequences.