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Valuing the greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power: A critical survey

AuteurB.Sovacool, Centre on Asia and Globalisation, NUS
Datumjuni 2008

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                                                                     Energy Policy 36 (2008) 2940– 2953

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Valuing the greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power: A critical survey
Benjamin K. Sovacool Ã
Energy Governance Program, Centre on Asia and Globalisation, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, 469C Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 259772, Singapore

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Article history:                                      This article screens 103 lifecycle studies of greenhouse gas-equivalent emissions for nuclear power
Received 25 February 2008                             plants to identify a subset of the most current, original, and transparent studies.
Accepted 21 April 2008                                    It begins by briefly detailing the separate components of the nuclear fuel cycle before explaining the
Available online 2 June 2008
                                                      methodology of the survey and exploring the variance of lifecycle estimates. It calculates that while the
Keywords:                                             range of emissions for nuclear energy over the lifetime of a plant, reported from qualified studies
Nuclear power                                         examined, is from 1.4 g of carbon dioxide equivalent per kWh (g CO2e/kWh) to 288 g CO2e/kWh, the
Lifecycle analysis                                    mean value is 66 g CO2e/kWh. The article then explains some of the factors responsible for the disparity
Greenhouse gas emissions