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Urenco USA

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Urenco USA
Corporate brochure

Energy Independence for America
Here at LES, we’re excited about building and operating the URENCO USA facility
– the first of its kind in North America. With energy demands on the rise, LES 
and URENCO USA are poised to meet energy demand with carbon free, sustainable 
energy. We’ll provide approximately 25 percent of the current U.S. demand for 
enrichment services using the world’s most advanced, energy-efficient and cost-
effective uranium enrichment technology.Safety, Integrity, Flexibility, 
Development and Profitability are our core values and are linked to everything 
we do. We value all stakeholders and hold firm to our promise to be an 
outstanding corporate citizen. Because of this commitment, LES and URENCO USA 
continue to receive strong support from local residents, state and local 
officials. By building and operating URENCO USA, LES is working to ensure that 
the United States has access to a safe, clean, and reliable source of energy. As
 we look to the future, URENCO USA will play an important role in providing 
energy for America.

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