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Market consultation for the General Contractor of the PALLAS Reactor Project

Datumdecember 2022

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The NRG foundation (Nuclear Research Group) initiated the replacement of the High Flux Reactor in
Petten to continue the global supply of medical isotopes in the (distant) future. At the end of the year
2013, the Dutch government embraced this initiative and as a result, the Foundation Preparation Pallas-
reactor (PALLAS) was founded to realise the PALLAS-reactor. NRG remained a committed partner.
Effective 2020, PALLAS and NRG have formed a new organisational structure called a ‘personele unie’
which is intended to form the basis for continued future integration. The management of PALLAS and NRG
have been combined and they are in the process of merging into one state owned enterprise.

PALLAS is funded by the Dutch government. The initial capital for the PALLAS reactor was provided by the
Province of Noord Holland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. In the recent years the
decision was taken to fund the Program through the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. The arrival
of the PALLAS-reactor will enable the Netherlands to continue to help millions of people for the next 50
years. In the near future the PALLAS-reactor will produce medical isotopes for diagnosis, therapy and
(medical) nuclear research. Every day, 30,000 people are helped with medical radioisotopes that are
produced in Petten.