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SCRAM (the Scottish Campaign to Resists the Atomic Menace - but a SCRAM is also an emergency shut down of a nuclear reactor) was produced as a medium of communication between groups though-out of Scotland. It became one of the long-lasting anti-nuclear magazines and focused on alternative forms of energy from the very first issue. SCRAM ('The Anti-Nuclear and Safe Energy Journal') changed it's name in Safe Energy Journal in 1991 when it focused less on nuclear and more on alternative issues.

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tijdschrift jaar maanden artikelen
SCRAM1980 245
SCRAM1981 582
SCRAM1982 487
SCRAM1983 550
SCRAM1984 678
SCRAM1985 788
SCRAM1986 681
SCRAM1987 6188
SCRAM1988 7127
SCRAM1989 793
SCRAM1990 692
SCRAM1991 352
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