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Annual report and accounts 2014

DateMay 2015

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Annual report and accounts 2014
Our global role

Nuclear energy is a long-term business

URENCO takes a long-term view of its operations.
For us, this means leadership in uranium enrichment and
stewardship and total commitment to our customers.
We play a key role in the production of fuel for the
nuclear energy industry, enabling our customers to
generate low carbon energy by providing them with
uranium enrichment services. We build robust, long-term
partnerships supporting customers to deliver on their
goals and respond flexibly to their requirements.
The success of URENCO is underpinned by our people,
in whom we continually invest to ensure we have the
expertise and leadership to sustain our business long
into the future. We have been operating successfully
for the last 40 years and we continue to provide a safe,
secure supply of enriched uranium in line with the
requirements of our customers.