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Annual report and accounts 2015


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Annual report & accounts 2015

Nuclear is a long-term business and URENCO takes a long-term view of its
operations. Our customers have entrusted us with meeting their future uranium
enrichment needs – we take this very seriously and deeply value these

Our values guide our strategic and operational decision-making. We endeavour
to do all we can to meet both current and future demand while at the same time
fulfilling our commitments to society and the environment.

Our geographical reach and diversity of supply are distinct competitive
advantages which allow us to respond flexibly to market demand.

We are constantly working to ensure we have the people, skills and resources in
place to meet our commitments to our stakeholders and to ensure the long-term
sustainability of our business.
It is what we call ‘enriching the future’. 

URENCO’s operational heritage of more than 40 years has built a company that plays an
important role in the world’s nuclear energy industry, helping our customers generate low
carbon energy in a safe and sustainable way.