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Annual report and accounts 2013

DateMay 2014

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Annual report and accounts 2013
Trusted to deliver

We have continued to serve our customers in line with our long-term 
commitment to lead in the world of uranium enrichment services.

We are at the heart of the nuclear energy industry. We are responsive to 
our customers’ changing requirements, providing them with the enrichment 
services they need to generate low carbon nuclear energy.

Uniquely within our sector, we operate four uranium enrichment facilities, 
in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. We use 
world-leading centrifuge technology.

We work as one global business, making the most of our global presence to 
maintain our leadership position.

Our customers trust URENCO for a safe, secure supply of enriched uranium. 
We remain committed to delivering this high quality service long into the future.