Adder: Third Opinion, June 1999

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 June 1999
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Protesters gets capsicum spray
ERA's sales revenue for the nine months
Miners and conservationists alike
Nuclear brokers/ miners
Uranium is leaking from a former mill
On Mar. 11, the NT Supreme Court
The senate will hold an inquiry
Pangea's real hope
Just quitly doing the rounds
Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL)
RWE Energie's Biblis A reactor
The British House of Lords
An all-party
A new study by the US
We don't like it
The phantom reactor gets the nod
ANSTO first, the people last
Dump may finally be investigated
Cells may be more sensitive to radiation
Radioactive waste from the Sellafield nuclear plant
US uranium production fell 17 percent
Higher thyroid cancer waste
DU(I) NATO's radioactive reign
What if NATO were hit the nukes?
France's nuclear safety authority DSIN
Russia has put on hold plans
The Safety Evaluation Report for the NASA
The families of 90 terminally ill cancer patients
On Mar. 28, more than 3000 people
Chernobyl 13 years after. Near the end of their tether
Proponents of the controversial Ward Valley
The Ukrainian government
More than half of Canada's MP's
Demolition work has begun on Spain's
Extinction in sight for nukes
Repeat performanceMarsh, Julian
A survey done for the French nuclear industry
A new generic defect has been found
After studying the behaviour of irradiated salt
France has finally admitted
A Litany of loss
A survey of more than a thousand US voters
The $1.9 billion Roxby expansion
Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd
The Austrian government
If Lithuania wants to begin negotiations
The US Nuclear Reactor Commission
The European Commission is still considering
The European Union wants the Kozloduy
Underground disposal of radioactive waste
At a cost of FF910 million
A most unattractive offer
Sweden's Barseback nuclear power plant
A shortage of money is delaying repairs
AmerGen, a joint venture
A surplus of generating capacity
French-based reactor builder Framatome
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