Adder: Third Opinion, March 1999

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 March 1999
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
World reactor capacity fell
Despite lobbying from the nuclear industry
Heathgate forced to admit leak
Japanese anti-nuclear activist claim
French consumer authorities
In December, a government commission
It's not been a good two years for ERA
Radioactive contaminants can migrate in groundwater
The American Nuclear Society says
Finally, after all these years they make it formal
A Study published in the october 1998 issue
Cleanup gets squeezed
Sell now, avoid the rush
No one wants the stuff
Three accidents in one month
Final EIS out
Former workers go critical
A suspended operations shift supervisor
More engineering reviews will delay the restart
Sixty-two percent of 1000 respondents
No real protection
Nuclear has lost its edge
Negative legacy: court
They're still eyeing us off
The big spill
A panel of US nuclear experts
The University of Bremen in Germany
Meanwhile, researchers from Aberystwyth University
Still on childhood cancer
Test aftermathSharma, Kalpana
Tearing at the veil
The juggernaut's in trouble
Meantime, French radiation protection authorities
Scrap factory causes scare
It all began with the ants
The US energy utility
Bulgaria's nuclear industry has dropped plans
The Jabiluka blockade. Two viewsO'Reilly, Ciaron/ Fisher, Rachel
Advocates of food irradiations
More than 200 environmental groups
Seven adults and three children were badly
The Romanian has released
Ukraine's Deputy Energy Minister
Meanwhile, another $US103 million
South Korea's national utility, KEPCO
New research shows that the castor
On Dec.14, hundreds of activist
Wiser just to close them now
The British government has ordered
The European Union's Court
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