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Joint Convention questions posted to The Netherlands in 2009: The Netherlands 3rd national report 2009: Supplement Questions and Answers

Author2e Kamer
DateSeptember 2009
Classification (WASTE - GENERAL)

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Supplement Questions and Answers
The Netherlands 3rd national report 2009
Joint Convention
Questions Posted To Netherlands in 2009

Q.No      Country              Article      Ref. in National Report
1         Australia            General      Section L Page 102
Question/ Is the 100 year package life a regulatory requirement or an
Comment   operational decision of the licensee?
Answer    COVRA has the statutory aim to implement the Dutch national
          policy on radioactive waste and spent fuel. As mentioned on
          page 15 of the national report, this policy stipulates storage of
          the waste for a period of 100 years. For this reason, the 100
          year package life was used as an operational design feature for
          the operations at the COVRA facilities. The requirement was
          also used as a design feature for the storage facility itself.
Q.No      Country              Article      Ref. in National Report
2         Denmark              General
Question/ During decommissioning of nuclear facilities a large amount of
Comment material may be expected to be cleared without restrictions and
          a competent clearance function is needed in order to assure
          compliance with the given clearance levels. However,
          compliance with clearance levels is usually based on complex
          measurement programmes and statistical tests in order to
          ensure a high probability of correct clearance of materials. It is
          therefore important to ensure the necessary competence of the
          clearance function. For instance: The clearance function (lab,
          procedures and personnel) could be accredited by an
          independent institution, with reference to an international
          standard such as e.g. the EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (General
          requirements for the competence of testing and calibration
          laboratories) and special emphasis on particular functions such
          as measurement