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Radioactive waste policy in the Netherlands

Authormin. VROM
DateSeptember 1984
Classification (WASTE - GENERAL)
Remarks Vertaling van 'Nota radioactief afval',

From the publication:

This report outlines the Government’s position on the management of radio-
active waste. The primary objective in this area must be radiation pro-
tection, and the three principal features of policy are isolation, control
and surveillance.
What is required in the Dutch situation is an approach which is capable
of dealing with all categories of radioactive waste over a period of several
decades. Economic considerations among others indicate land-based storage
as the preferred option at present. This option is environmentally accept-
able and feasible. A site will need to be found which is suitable both for
the processing and storage of low- and intermediate-level waste and for
the storage of high level waste and/or irradiated fuel elements.
A committee is to consider possible sites, devoting particular attention
in its deliberations to the administrative factors involved, and a decision
on the choice of site will be reached on the basis of the committee’s findings
Every effort will be made to communicate that decision to the Lower House
of Parliament not later than 1 January 1986.