Adder: Third Opinion, September 2003

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 September 2003
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
More mistakes, more monitoring
The hole is being refilled
Bucking the trend
WA set to ban wastes from other states
New sites now being investigated
SA fails to declare waste site a park
Cancer rates start to dropKnight, Danielle
The Russian government has approved
Dead reactors aren't really dead
On Jul. 3, county commissioners in Tennessee
Britain decides to pull out
A 50-year-old system built for an analog society that can't handle the demands
More bad news for the troubled plagued Davis-Besse
And even more bad news
A New York state environmental study
A van loaded with 15 kilos of depleted uranium
The big blackout
Was it all deliberate?
Swiss poll not all bad: conservatives come out
Crisis has a silver lining
The never-completed second unit of the Seabrook
On May 18, the oldest reactor at the Kola
On Jul. 10, the European Convention moved
The go-ahead has been given to begin
Australian service personnel who served in the attack on Iraq
Doubts on tests
No plans to clean up
Fact file nuclear power 2002
Un weakens standards: irradiated food is "safe"
The perils of holding a town meeting: the public is a wake-upWartenberg, Steve
Our troops are at risk from DU
Seaweed to be used to combat radiation
Greenpeace accuses the US of turning a blind eye
Europe's heatwave hits reactors
Enough to fill a footbal field 280 storeys high
Swiss opposition to dump strengthens
Latest security threat: rabbits
Who's going to pay for this, eh?
A dangerous precedent? For whom?
Another headache to deal with
Greenpeace says test it commissioned
Meanwhile, a study by the University College Dublin
On Jun. 25, the South African
Refusing to let up
It's got to go back!
Evacuation plan rejected by locals
Sooner or later you're going to miss somethingPicard, Ken
India's Atomic Energy Regulatory Board has denied
Another big rip off
US president George W. Bush has nominated
When Oscar Shirani discovered that his employer
It'll take at least 10 years longer than expected
The estimate cost to repair Ohio's
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
The Ontario government is giving
On Jun 24, the British government announced
Up to $US2 billion is needed to clean up areas
A new study of claims made by the US Department of Energy
Senate endorses bid to jump-start US lacklustre nuclear industry
The director of Britain's office for civil
A Scottish resarcher claims he's found a way
Three incidents in May and June suggest
Pine trees near the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear plant
Nuking the red planet
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