Adder: Third Opinion, March 2003

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 March 2003
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
A Japanese court has halted plans to
With the publication of a 12-page
Joh's secret plans for Queensland
Another spill and another jump in the last fire repair bill - up $50m to $300m
Radiation risk downgraded. Children and pregnant women can be exposed to more ra
Safety compromised by commercial interests?
A major emergency was sparked near Perth
Russia's only reprocessing plant, Mayak
The European Parliament has voted to
NSW promises long political battle
For one thing, the roads won't take it
Defence is violently opposed to a dump bordering a firing range
Czech NIMBYism
Containers won't hold
Silence the overseers
Code for we're not sure what we're doing
What good is the money, if...
Cutbacks hamper dump's progress
First crack in the wall
Residents win court case
Terrorist's dream
Win for Orchid Island
Russian waste storage depot near full, reactors could close
Britain dumps nukes in favour of renewables
British Energy gets last-minute govt reprieve
In 1971, thirty years before a hole was found
An incident at Mexico's Laguana Verde
A defect in a backup shutdown system
Atomic Age death toll put 65m
Across a beach, over the seas, through a canal: the diverse path of a dead react
Finishing new shelter is a race against time
Survivors demand long overdue benefits
Chernobyl wheat repackaged as Romanian, sold to Arab countries
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
On Dec. 31. Bulgaria's Kozloduy 1 and 2
A culture of theft at Amercian's Los Alamos
Even Christmas isn't safe
Reactor in crisis even after it's closed
Journalist freed, vows to prove innocence
Belgium votes to phase out n-power
Clinton had planned to destroy North Korea's nuclear plants
More than 30 Greenpeace protesters
On Mar. 3, six former and current officials
Prime fishing areas hit with DU ammo
Just for handing out pamphlets
When you go to war, your purpose is to kill, and DU is the best killing thing weDunn, Travis
Afghanistan: worst DU farGarland, Davey
First link to brain damage. Swedish research suggests possible death of brain ce
Crazed "alian" mocks n-plant security
Shoddy work at Taiwan's No.4 reactor
Radioactive bird poop pollutes food chain
Even Greenpeace is too scared to publish this one
Emergency plans are inadequate to protect the public
Could a reactor really withstand a direct hit?
Niger: we didn't sell them any uranium
The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey
Japan's Trade Ministry has ordered a one-year suspension
Cracks have been found in pipes of the secondary cooling circuit
How not to run a complex project
In mid-February,the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station
The European Union has offered Lithuania
The US Senate has passed a bill to increase funds
America's 103 nuclear power plants are so strapped
The old man still needs his fix
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