Adder: Third Opinion, June 2002

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 June 2002
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
The federal government has agreed to throw open
A 28-kilo rod of radioactive cesium
They're just spills
Oils take the anti-Yucca message on the road
Radiation experts have drafted special guidelines
Kakadu faces more threats: Traditional owners dismayed at company pratices
No plans for at least ten years
They still make energy by harnessing the power of the atom
Forty-eight residents
One of Britain's oldest nuclear power stations
Look me in the eye, Tony
On May 12, a huge landslide
Residents to get their first emergency response plan
Protests in Canberra, Buenos Aires target waste
Activists vow to continue campaign
Greens walk out after fifth reactor approved
On Apr. 26, Europe's largest atomic power station
Burma's military junta has signed an agreement
The British government
Chernobyl - sixteen years later
All 13 of Ukraine's nuclear reactors
While irradiated beef is available
Serious differences have arisen between Russia and Iran
The storming of a 34-year-old nuclear power plant
Scavengers got more than they bargained for
An explosion in deformities, cancers... and the roof's about to cave in
Why, there could even be terrorist working at your local nuke
Nuclear attack? Just pop a pill
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The supreme Court of Canada has refused
Right out of the blue
Clinton: "Don't give up!"
The doctors and real estate agents join the campaign
It was never about the science
Full before it's finished
The last place to put the stuff
Jerry Lewis ain't leaving without a fight
No imports: the waste has to go back
Staggering price tag
Norway's PM backs demo
A war of the legislators looms
On Apr. 14, radioactive technetium 99
Russia's minister for atomic energy
The Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
Taiwan's Atomic Energy Council (AEC)
Political committees with ties to the nuclear power industry
Consultants studying whether Energy Northwest should complete
Meanwhile, Ontario Power Generation says
The Tennessee Valley Authority has approved
Exelon plans to end its 12,5 percent stake
British Energy (BE) say's it's losing money
As expected the US Senate voted
The Government-funded Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
A shareholder group has demanded General Electric
Meanwhile, BNFL spent more than $US 1 milion
Plans to overhaul the management of Britain's
The estimated cost of nuclear waste manegement
Spain's ten-year energy plan expects
Guards at nuclear facilities in Russia
The Cadarache plutonium-uranium mixed-oxide fuel plant
This stuff is everywhere
Anecdotal evidence suggest many more are effected
Same story, different war
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