Nuclear plants in East Asia

Date 1 January 2006
Page number6
MagazineNuke Info Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Number of pages 1
Tags: CHIN-SHAN, TAIWAN - Chin-Shan, Taiwan
CHINA - country in Asia
DAYA BAY - PWR reactor: Guangdong, China
KORI, KOREA - Kori, Korea
KUOSHENG, TAIWAN - Kuosheng, Taiwan
LING AO - PWR reactor: Guangdong, China
LUNGMEN - Lungmen, Taiwan
MAANSHAN, TAIWAN - Maanshan, Taiwan
NORTH KOREA - Country in Asia (DPRK: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea)
QINSHAN, CHINA - PWR / PHWR reactor: Zhejiang, China
SANMEN - AP 1000 / PWR reactor: Zhejiang, China
SHIN KORI - Shin Kori, South Korea
TAIWAN - country in Asia
TIANWAN - VVER reactor: Jiangsu, China
ULJIN, KOREA - Uljin, Korea scary alternative spelling: Ulchin
WOLSUNG, KOREA - Wolsung, Korea scary alternative spelling: Wolsong
YANGJIANG - PWR reactor: Guangdong, China
YOUNG-KWANG - S Korean nuclear power plants; also (eng.): Youggwang
SOUTH KOREA - country

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