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nr titel auteur datum Ce nu vi se spunedespre centrala nucleara nTerra Mileniul III 2003 Cernavoda 2. Comments to the documents provided for the EIAA.Wenisch, Ganglberger november 2002 Nuclear Risks. Canada, Italy and EU's responsibilities in subsidizing nuclear export to RomaniaTricarico, Pasyuk, Bankwatch februari 2002 by Non-Government Organizations on AECL's Cernavoda Reactor 2 Environmental Assessment Summary14 NGOs 2002 Unit 2 – Nuclear Safety Expert Project. Final ReportNNC 2002 Energy of Canada Ltd Cernavoda Unit 2 NPP Envir.Assessment SummaryAECL november 2001 project for Cernavoda-NPP 2. Assessment of the economic justification. Final report. ExtractPHARE augustus 2001 4 from the Modernisation Project for NPP Cernavoda 2 Envir. Impact AssessmentSNN mei 2001

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