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Appointment of the Designer of the Nuclear Island. Pre-Qualification Document

DateAugust 2015

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Appointment of the Designer of the Nuclear Island
Pre-Qualification Document

The Foundation Preparation PALLAS Reactor (PALLAS) is pleased to invite 
Candidates to pre-qualify as part of the selection process for the appointment 
of the Designer of the Nuclear Island (DNI) for the new PALLAS Reactor.
This PQD provides further information about the DNI role and defines the 
responses required from Candidates wishing to qualify for the Tender Phase 
of the selection process. Your responses will be assessed so that PALLAS 
can determine which Candidates should proceed to the Tender Phase which 
forms the second and final part of the DNI selection process.
The aim of the Pre-Qualification Phase is to thoroughly evaluate and examine 
the capability, competence, experience, resources and systems of Candidates. 
This PQD defines the response required from your company during the 
Pre-Qualification Phase of the selection process.
2 General Information
PALLAS aims to design and build a state of the art nuclear reactor, which is 
suitable for producing medical and industrial radio isotopes and for 
conducting nuclear technology research. This reactor is to replace the 
current High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten (NL).
PALLAS was originally set up as a single project organisation within NRG 
(the operator and licensee of the HFR). As of December 16, 2013 the project 
was incorporated in an independent foundation, the Foundation Preparation 
Pallas reactor.
The objectives of PALLAS are to prepare a design, to obtain the necessary 
licenses and to assure that there are private resources available for the 
construction and commissioning of the PALLAS Reactor (stage 1). The actual 
construction and commissioning of the PALLAS Reactor will take place during 
stage 2. Subsequently, the operation of the PALLAS Reactor will commence
(stage 3).
For the first stage the Dutch government has granted a loan of 80 million 
euros. The design, construction and commissioning combined will take about 
ten years. PALLAS is expected to be commercially financed and privately 
owned and operated (from stage 2).
In the past NRG had commenced a competition for a new reactor (EC Tender 
No. 2007/S 186-226734). Unfortunately this Tender had to be discontinued 
in early 2010 due to lack of funding.