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JRC Petten 50 Years: 1962-2012

AuthorJRC, European Union

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JRC Petten 50 Years: 1962-2012

This publication presents the history
of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) site
in Petten, North Holland, coinciding
with its 50th anniversary. It follows the
evolution of one of the most important
research areas of the European
Commission’s in-house science service:
energy, which has become a central part
of the EU policy response to the current
global challenges. Energy is inter-linked
to the citizen, the environment, industry
and the economy, just to name a few.
Through these pages you will be able
to see how the different energy-related
topics have evolved over the last half
century and how the JRC has faced
them and supported European policy
makers in their decisions and ultimately,
European citizens.
The JRC is the only service in the
European Commission performing
research itself, thus underpinning
European policies with the necessary
scientifi c evidence. The JRC acts as
a reference centre for science and
technology and serves the common
interest of the Member States, while
being independent of specifi c private or
national interests.
As you will see in the following pages,
the scope of this JRC Institute has
continually changed over the years
in order to best serve the European
Commission and EU citizens. The
focus moved from a purely nuclear
perspective, led by the Euratom treaty
and the belief of our predecessors that
nuclear energy could play a key role
in Europe’s energy market, through
materials research to the Institute’s dual
focus today, which encompasses all
energy and transport technologies.

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