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Annual report and accounts 2010

DateMay 2011

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Annual report & accounts 2010
Delivering on our commitments

URENCO’s Vision, Mission and Values
URENCO believes that nuclear power will play a fundamental role in meeting
the increasing future demand for sustainable global energy. URENCO is
a leading supplier in the global enrichment market, with demand for the
Group’s services continuing to increase. “Enriching the future” is therefore
our commitment, through the global deployment of our nuclear products,
services and technology to support sustainable nuclear energy.

Living Our Values
The Values of Safety, Integrity, Flexibility, Development and Profitability
guide everything we do at URENCO and remain a strong focus across
the Group. Our Values inform both strategic and operational decisionmaking,
alongside more everyday activities across the Group at
employee level. Formally introduced in 2005, our set of relevant and
robust Values are now deeply embedded in the culture of the Group,
forming a solid benchmark against which our behaviours are
consistently checked. Understood and accepted by all employees,
the Values assist employees in the achievement of the Group’s
commitment of ‘enriching the future’.