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Peer review country report. The Netherlands. Stress tests performed on European nuclear power plants

DateApril 2012
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Peer review country report. The Netherlands
Stress tests performed on European nuclear power plants
(Min. EL&I)


The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan on 11th March 2011 
triggered the need for a coordinated action at EU level to identify potential 
further improvements of Nuclear Power Plant safety. On 25th March 2011, the 
European Council concluded that the safety of all EU nuclear plants should be 
reviewed, on the basis of comprehensive and transparent risk and safety assessments 
- the stress tests. The stress tests consist in three main steps: a self-assessment 
by licensees, followed by an independent review by the national regulatory bodies, 
and by a third phase of international peer reviews. The international peer review 
phase consists of 3 steps: an initial desktop review, three topical reviews in 
parallel (covering external initiating events, loss of electrical supply and loss
 of ultimate heat sink, and accident management), and seventeen individual country 
 peer reviews.
Country review reports are one of the specific deliverables of the EU stress tests 
peer review process. They provide information based on the present situation with 
respect to the topics covered by the stress tests. They contain specific recommendations 
to the participating Member States for their consideration or good practices that 
may have been identified, and to some extend information specific to each country 
and installation. Draft country review reports were initiated during the topical 
reviews based on discussions with the country involved in the three topics and on 
the generic discussions within each of the three topical reviews. Issues identified 
for each country during the topical reviews, due to only limited time available for 
each country, have required follow-up discussions in more detail, both between the 
topical reviews and the country reviews, and during the country reviews. 
The current National Report was finalized at the end of the Country Review, after 
final discussion with the reviewed country and visit of nuclear power plant (NPP). 
It is a part of the Final Report combining the results of the Topical Reviews and 
Country Reviews. 
1.1 Compliance of the national reports with the topics defined in the ENSREG stress
tests specifications

The Netherlands’ National Report on the Post-Fukushima stress test for the Borssele 
Nuclear Power Plant (National Report) was submitted to the European Commission by 
the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation (EL&I) in December 
2011. The National Report in general is compliant with the specifications defined by 
ENSREG. All topics defined in the ENSREG stress tests specifications are addressed. 
The report encompasses the single operating nuclear power plant in the Netherlands 
– Borssele NPP. The plant consists of a single unit, designed by Kraftwerk Union 
(KWU), Germany, and operated by the licensee Elektriciteits-Produktiemaatschappij 
Zuid-Nederland EPZ (EPZ).