the Laka catalogue


The Laka library consists of about 8,000 publications, categorized into different subjects. Here the catalogue is accessible through the subject-list in the dropdown menu.
Although the categories are logical, it is not always easy to find exactly what you need. But there will be someone who can show you around, especially if you make an apppointment. Online, however, you're on your own :)

Documentation at Laka is categorized into different subjects: There are more than 600 topics with six main subjects, five of which are ordered geographically (1-Netherlands, 2-Europe, 3-America, 4-Asia & Australia and 5-Middle East & Africa). The sixth main subject is General; publications not about a specific location or country.
The last remainder category of publications in the catalogus contains 9-Novels, comics and plays.

Most country-categories are divided into sub-categories, depending on on how much information we have available. The sountry subjects are mostly divided into general subjects (waste, public opinion, ...) and topics on specific nuclear facilities on the territory.
This classification system is used for all documentation at Laka, not only for the publications. When the catalogue contains no publications on a specific issue, most likely we still have other documentation available, such as newspaper clippings, videos and magazines.

Searching a publication

If you are searching a specific publications and you know (part of) the title, or the author, you can search the catalogue here.


Over the last couple of years, most new publcations are available in pdf-format. If we have the publication available as pdf, it is listed. It is not possible put them all online, but we can send a copy upon request.

Special publications

Publications in the Laka library published before 1965 (the 'early years of the nuclear age') are on a special list. Generally speaking these publications are not lend out.

Names of states

When states change their names, our subject also gets a new name. When states split up into new states or parts become new states, they become new subjects. The old one remains to exist. Therefore there are subjects such as German Democratic Republic (East-Germany), Yugoslavia or Czecho-Slovakia, while there are also the subjects Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The Asian republics of the former-Soviet Union are listed under Asia and not under Europa.
The Chernobyl-4 reactor, the one that exploded in April 1986, is listed under Russia. The consequences of Chernobyl, wherever, are listed under Russia - Facilities and then geographical divided. However, the other Chernobyl-reactors as well as the general policy (for example the closure and replacement discussion) are listed under Ukraine.
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