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no title author date the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Policy-Implications of Expanding Global Access to Nuclear Power Congressional Research Service, M.B.Nikitin, A.Andrews, M.Holt February 2011 proliferation: The global expansion of nuclear power and multinational approachesF.Barnaby, Shaun Burnie, Greenpeace Int. May 2010 the nuclear fuel cycle: policy implications of expanding global access to nuclear powerCRS, M.Nikitin, A.Andrews, M.Holt July 2009 Appropriations. Gambling US Energy Policy on the GNEPD.Schlissel, R.Alvarez 2008 wastes and the Global Nuclear Energy PartnershipR.Alvarez, Institute for Policy Studies April 2007 the benefits, costs and risks of near-term reprocessing and alternativesMatthew Bunn September 2006 GNEP; will it advance nonproliferation or undermine it?Edwin S. Lyman June 2006 Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel CycleExpert Group, IAEA 2005

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