the Laka catalogue

no title author date of Nuclear Energy Facilities in WarBennett Ramberg 1980 Unbearable Risk: Proliferation, terrorist threats and the plutonium industryEFA, WISE Paris June 2003 vulnerability of nuclear plants during military conflict. Lessons from Fukushima Daiichi, Focus on Zaporizhzhia, UkraineGreenpeace Int., Jan Vande Putte, Shaun Burnie March 2022 threat of nuclear terrorism: from analysis to precautionary measuresMycle Schneider, WISE Paris December 2001 the risk of terrorist attacks on nuclear facilitiesPOST (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) July 2004 im Kriegsfall. Unsere Atomkraftwerke in Wirkungsfeld der Strategischen PlanungenRudolf A.Schild, BUND 1977

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