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no title author date“Advanced” Isn’t Always Better. Assessing the Safety, Security, and Environmental Impacts of Non-Light-Water Nuclear ReactorsE.Lyman March 2021 Reaktorkonzepte. Eine Analyse des aktuellen ForschungsstandsÖko-Institut, C.Pistner, M.Englert April 2017 de participation francaise: Prototype 2020, GNEP, Génération IVCEA, Frank Carre April 2006 Technology Roadmap for Generation IV Nuclear Energy SystemsGeneration VI March 2003 IV; roadmap, description candidate gas-cooled reactorsystemstemsN.E.R. commission & Gen.IV December 2002 on advanced nuclear reactor safety issues and research needs. Paris, France 18-20 February 2002NEA 2002 Nuclear Energy Systems ICENES 2000report Petten 24-28 Sept September 2000 van nieuwe kerncentrales (bijlage Criteria, VROM)J.L.Kloosterman, TU Delft September 2000 in a changing worldEuropean Commission October 1998 Kerntechnik '98. Fachsitzung. SWR 1000DAtF July 1998 veilige kenmerken van innovatieve kernreactorenJ.A.Heil, ECN November 1995'Inherente veiligheid' in perspectiefMin. VROM April 1994 veiligheid van kerncentrales: redder in nood of fopspeen?J.S. Hoogschagen, ECN October 1993 ReaktorkonzepteO.Schumacher March 1993 '93 - towards the next generation of light water reactors. deel 1ENS 1993 '93. deel 2ENS 1993'Inherente veiligheid' in perspectiefG.Kelfkens 1993 of a comparison study of advanced reactorsNucon, ECN, KEMA June 1991 of evolutionary and revolutionary reactor concepts in Dutch situationR.Skjoeldebrand June 1991 and economics of new generations of nuclear reactorsP.Lako, ECN May 1991 and medium reactors. I: status and prospectsNEA 1991 and medium reactors. II: technical supplementNEA 1991 power in 1990'sD.R.Williams March 1990 power looking for the futureKarl Stahlkopf March 1990 The Nuclear reactor of tomorrowABB Atom February 1990 Water-Cooled Reactor TechnologyNEA 1989 in the inherent safety of nuclear reactorsNUCON May 1988 for Inherently Safe ReactorsJack N. Barkenbus April 1987 (Power Reactor Inherently Safe Module) conceptGeneral Electric 1986 fuel cycle and reactor conceptsINFCE, IAEA March 1980

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