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no title author date Atom 2012 the Unthinkable: Japanese nuclear power and proliferation in East AsiaORG, F.Barnaby, Shaun Burnie, Greenpeace Int. August 2005 Civil Society in JapanKoichi Hasegawa 2004 Dioxide Emissions Reduction. Potential in Japan's Power SectionWWF October 2003 and Environment 2003-2004. Japan's Electric Power Industry in the worldFed. Electric Power Companies 2003 Action Plan by Japanese Electric Utility IndustryFed. of Electric Power Co Japan September 2000 nuclear-generated electricity really inexpensive?UNFCC SBI/SBSTA 12 June 2000 Security and the Role of Nuclear Power in JapanTatsujiro Suzuki. 2000 Review Japan 1999Fed. of Electric Power Co. Japan October 1999 Power Versus Plutonium: An Examination of Wind Energy Potential and a Comparision of Offshore Wind Energy to Plutonium Use in JapanIEER 1999 the dangerous Plutonium-based Nuclear Program of JapanPlutonium Action Hiroshima September 1997 paper on nuclear energy 1996Atomic Energy Commission Japan 1997 Anti-Nuclear Power Movement in JapanMasuro Sugai 1992 country report of JapanNEA, IEA March 1989 Bewegingen in JapanDe Struikrover March 1983 Overview from JapanEnvironmental Book Center February 1979 van de industriestaatEkologie 1979 in JapanNederlandse ambassade May 1967 aus der Asche. Geschichte einer WiedergeburtRobert Jungk 1963

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