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no title author date free NortheastNIRS August 1999 resist the nuclear industryFeminists for A Compassionate Society August 1997 activists almanacDavid Walls 1993 report 1987-1988NIRS July 1989 the Bombmakers. June 14, 1982. Civil disobedience campaign handbook May 1982 Up, Stand up. A manual for the anti-nuclear defendantAbolone Alliance 1982 jobs, our health, our lives, our fight: report first nat.labor conference for safe energy and full employment October 1980 is overalJohan, Lina September 1980 protest naar verzet. Seabrook '77Sheryl Crown May 1980 opposition to nuclear energyKasperson April 1980 How to fight Nuclear Power and Win!Fr.Wilcox 1980 war. Reports from the frontHarvey Wasserman October 1979 Against The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Action October 1979 MUSE Concerts for a Non-Nuclear Future. Official ProgramMUSE September 1979 more Harrisburgs! There is a choice!May 6 Coalition May 1979 victories. The anti-nuclear movement in the U.S and EuropeMidnight Notes Collective April 1979 of the National No nukes Strategy Conference Louisville. August 16-20, 1978 1978 Plutonium EconomyCouncil of Churches of Christ 1975

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