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BNFL extends Russian assistance2003-02-013/12/02
Former Japanese PM calls for return to first principles2003-02-01Atoms in Japan, November 2002
World Nuclear University2003-09-01
New nuclear reactor designs to equio nuclear revival2005-09-01
Spotlight: WNA interviewed Oliver Kingsley2002-09-01
Europe taking stock of energy future2002-09-01
Fuel cycle centres revived2004-09-01McCombie, Charles/ Chapman, Neil
US utilities flag interest in new plants2005-09-01nucleonics week 1/9/05
US licence extensions2005-09-01nucleonics week 1/9/05
Proposal for change in US used fuel policy2005-09-01freshfuel 1/8/05
European bridgehead into US reactor market2005-09-01areva 15/9/05
North American blackout well timed for US policy2003-09-01FT 16, 18 & 22/8/03, NucNet news # 253/03, Nucleonics Week..
US government maps energy future2003-09-01DOE 6/8/03
MIT study prospects...2003-09-01
US nuclear plants do well in 20022003-09-01NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 25/8/03
Further management rationalisation2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 18/9/03, NucNet business news # 54.1/03
Nuclear operating costs rise2004-09-01
Utility recovers spent fuel storage costs2004-09-01
Yucca Mountain saga continues2002-09-01
US decommissioning funds grow2002-09-01
Security enhancements at US plants2002-09-01
US contract for uranium deconversion plant2002-09-01
US enrichment update2002-09-01
French reactors given new lease of life2002-09-01
New report on ExternE study in EU2003-09-01EC 2003,External Costs - Research
Europe's power generation constrained by heat2003-09-01NucNet news # 247, 249 & 259/03, Times 26/8/03
Japan progress with MOX use2005-09-01atoms for japan 13/9/05
Canada intrudes on Chinese uncertainty2005-09-01nucleonics week 15/9/05
UK publishes nuclear clean-up plan2005-09-01nda 11/8/05
UK reactor life extension2005-09-01be 15/9/05
Dutch reactor extension2005-09-01dutch parliament & newspaper 7/9/05
China's sixth nuclear power reactor starts up2002-09-01
Swedish uprates on track2005-09-01nucleonics week 8/9/05
Prospect for new Slovak reactors2005-09-01tasr 15/8/05
British Energy leans on government help2002-09-01
UK government to reduce marine discharges2002-09-01
German energy debate hots up2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 11/9/03
French electricity cost study looks to 20152003-09-01Nucleonics Week 11/9/03www.industrie.gouw,fr/energie/el...
UK controversy on Sellafield reprocessing2003-09-01NucNet news # 262/03, Platts 26/8/03, BNFL 26/8/03
US opens up nuclear trade with China2003-09-01Platts 16/9/03, Nucleonics Week 18/9/03
Tepco reports on maintenance scandal2002-09-01
Japan enacts energy security law2002-09-01
New phase of Indian nuclear energy program2002-09-01
Japan reaffirms nuclear policy2005-09-01atoms in japan 28/7/05
South Korea's 20th reactor fully operational2005-09-01ux weekly 15/8/05
EC revives safety and wastes initiative2004-09-01
Iran given ultimatum by IAEA2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 11 & 18/9/03, NucNet news # 252 & 273/03
India bids for international projects2005-09-01nucnet 24/8/05
Peak industry body calls for nuclear consideration2005-09-01acci 29/8/05
Australian uranium policy addressed2005-09-01I.macfarlane 11/8/05
Ontario scraps two laid-up reactors2005-09-01opg 12/8/05
North Korean accord2005-09-01ft20&21 21/9/05
Iran weapons concerns continue2005-09-01iaea 11/8/05
Japanese reactors shake out2005-09-01nucnet 17/8/05
China lays out fast reactor plans2005-09-01nucleonics week 18/8/05
India's first large reactor in operation2005-09-01nucleonics week 15/9/05
China to build six new reactors2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 21/8/03, Dow Jones 8/8/03,China Daily 4/9/03
Greenpeace challenge to research reactor dismissed2002-09-01
World summit plan allows nuclear2002-09-01
International co-operation for new-generation reactors2002-09-01
Australian uranium production falls2002-09-01
Cameco restarts Rabbit Lake mine2002-09-01
China to utilise spent fuel for heating and desalination2002-09-01
China confirms six new reactors2004-09-01
Ukraine to complete new reactors on own2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 25/9/03
Romania plans further Cernavoda reactors2003-09-01
Russia boosts nuclear exports2003-09-01NucNet business news # 51.2/03
Japan reaffirms plutonium use2003-09-01NucNet news # 243/03
First laid-up Canadian reactor returns to service2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 28/8/03, CNA 25/9/03
Canada funds new reactor development2003-09-01Ottawa Citizen 24/9/03
Jabiluka mine lowers profile2003-09-01ERA 1/8/03 et seq.
Construction start on North Korean reactor2002-09-01
Published uranium prices2002-09-01
Olympic Dam assessment under way2005-09-01bhpb 19/8/05
Chernobyl report confirms extent of disaster2005-09-01iaea 5/9/05
Depleted uranium study2005-09-01doe sandia 24/7/05
WNA market report updates outlook2005-09-01
Uranium prices and reactor changes2005-09-01
Pebble Bed reactor feasibility study positive2002-09-01
International spent fuel storage at crossroads2002-09-01
World low-cost uranium resources boosted2002-09-01
Australian uranium production2003-09-01
Argentina and Brazil focus on new reactors2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 25/9/03, Ux Weekly 22/9/03, NEW 1-2/2001
South Africa plans reactor upgrades2003-09-01Nucleonics Week 4/9/03
Reflections on wastes and remediation2003-09-01ARIUS 24/9/03
Uranium prices and reactor changes2004-09-01
Living with radiation in Taiwan2003-09-01Chen, W.L. et al, 2003; HPS paper
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