Adder: Uranium Information Centre Weekly Digest / WNA Weekly Digest, December 2006

City: Melbourne, Australie
Canadian agreement aids Argentina 1 DecAECL 27/11/06
Italian reprocessing agreement 1 DecPlatts 27/11/06
US-India civil nuclear agreement progresses 1 DecTimes, 18/11/06
Joint venture bears uranium15 DecNuclear.Ru 13/12/06
Spain reduces wind subsidy15 DecIHT 4/12/06
Delays at Bushehr15 DecRegnum.Ru 12/12/06
Russia to restructure nuclear industry15 DecNovosti 6/12/06
Progress Energy selects greenfield site15 DecProgress Energy 12/12/06
US moves to open nuclear trade with India22 DecNucleonics Week, 14/12/06
Westinghouse wins China bid22 DecWestinghouse 16/12/06
New Baltic states plant, Poland offers to share22 DecNucleonics Week 7 & 14/12/06
US Nuclear plant sale22 DecNucleonics Week 21/12/06
UK closes four old reactors29 Dec
Bulgaria closes two reactors prematurely29 DecAFP 21/12/06
France to build new fast reactor by 202029 DecPlatts 21/12/06
Russia to build new fast reactor for research29 DecNucNet news#265/06
New US nuclear plant sale29 DecPlatts 27/12/06
Australian nuclear power report released29 DecABC Online, Age web site 29/12/06
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