Adder: Third Opinion

City: Sydney, Australie
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
We can still win. Powerfull arguments against new uranium mines1996-04-01Steve Broadbent / Claire Gerson
The campaign; Back to the streets1996-12-01
Federal environmental minister2001-03-01
Australia exported 8757 tonnes of uranium yellowcake2001-03-01
Open for the trade off2001-03-01
Not the best time to sell2001-03-01
Irish scientists examining depleted uranium2002-12-01
The children of Gulf war veterans2002-12-01
A radioactive waste burial site2002-12-01
The Marshall Islands finance minister2002-12-01
Warm water from Finland's Olkiluoto nuclear power plant2002-12-01
Shifting the goalposts2002-12-01
Final clearance2002-12-01
Another Roxby fire2002-12-01
Exit Pangea2002-04-01
U-Trade 20012002-04-01
Radiation experts have drafted special guidelines2002-06-01
The federal government has agreed to throw open2002-06-01
A 28-kilo rod of radioactive cesium2002-06-01
They're just spills2002-06-01
Oils take the anti-Yucca message on the road2002-06-01
US uranium production fell to 2.62002-09-01
Calder Hall, the world's oldest nuclear power station2002-09-01
According to a paper in confidential documents2002-09-01
Infant death rates jump in some towns2002-09-01
Just chuck it around2002-09-01
Now, clean up your mess2002-09-01
In October, WMC announced a 20 percent expansion2001-12-01
On Nov. 11, WMC dismantled2001-12-01
The Beverley uranium mine in SA2001-12-01
Some cleanup: just leave it there2001-12-01
Time to learn from the black mist2001-12-01
If we don't like it, we'll ignore it.2001-12-01
A scrap dealer2000-06-01
A new US Geological Survey2000-06-01
The new reactor: Argentinian firm wins tender2000-06-01
The owner of the Roxby Downs2000-09-01
The owner of the Honeymoon uranium2000-09-01
The only US company that provides2000-09-01
One of the containers the Us government2000-09-01
North goes2000-09-01
Another mission2000-09-01
Won't lift a finger2000-09-01
Production cut, but still optimistic2000-09-01
Toxic mess, didn't mine a thing2000-09-01
ERA's production2000-03-01
Western Mining2000-03-01
Among the federal Coalition's2000-03-01
Study on n-test vets expanded2000-03-01
Protests greet Aust. waste2000-03-01
Haevy-handed police response at Beverley2000-03-01
Construction at the Beverly uranium mine site1999-12-01
A national survey commissioned by Greenpeace1999-12-01
The mushroom approach1999-12-01
A plan to lift the lid1999-12-01
Weak uranium prices are eroding1999-09-01
International Uranium Corp. has reported1999-09-01
The $1.94 billion expansion at the Roxby Downs1999-09-01
After nearly 40 years, uranium production1999-09-01
If you're heading for a rock..1999-09-01
Protesters gets capsicum spray1999-06-01
ERA's sales revenue for the nine months1999-06-01
Miners and conservationists alike1999-06-01
Nuclear brokers/ miners1999-06-01
Uranium is leaking from a former mill1999-06-01
On Mar. 11, the NT Supreme Court1999-06-01
The senate will hold an inquiry1999-06-01
Despite lobbying from the nuclear industry1999-03-01
World reactor capacity fell1999-03-01
French consumer authorities1999-03-01
In December, a government commission1999-03-01
Japanese anti-nuclear activist claim1999-03-01
Heathgate forced to admit leak1999-03-01
ERA's after tax profit for 1997-981998-12-01
Cogema will close its Mounana uranium mine1998-12-01
The uranium spot market is losing its significance1998-12-01
Contaminated water continues to leak1998-12-01
Not big on detail1998-12-01
Germany to begin nuclear phase-out process1998-12-01
The new Queensland Labor government1998-09-01
Canadian uranium exports1998-09-01
Heathgate Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary1998-09-01
Cogema plans to close its Cluff Lake uranium mine1998-09-01
More of the world's uranium1998-09-01
Gareth and a new reactor1998-09-01
Bitting the hand that fed1998-09-01
Era has an ongoing processing problem1998-06-01
Britain has unexpectedly announced1998-06-01
The supreme court in Sydney has been told1998-06-01
A train carrying empty transport flasks1998-06-01
The ALP has dropped its "three mines"1998-03-01
In January, the European parlaiment voted1998-03-01
The federal government is planning1998-03-01
In mid-december, the Swedish parlaiment1998-03-01
Jabiluka. We'll make a bigger mess if you don't agree1998-03-01
The Australian bureau1997-12-01
France's prototype 250 MW Superphenix1997-12-01
Greenpeace has reported high levels1997-12-01
A car stopped by customs officers1997-12-01
For nearly two decades1997-12-01
With the publication of a 12-page2003-03-01
A Japanese court has halted plans to2003-03-01
Another spill and another jump in the last fire repair bill - up $50m to $300m2003-03-01
Joh's secret plans for Queensland2003-03-01
Calder Hall, the world's first industrial-scale nuclear power station2003-06-01
In 2002, seven new reactors were connected to their grids2003-06-01
On Mar. 26, officials at the Seabrook nuclear power plant2003-06-01
On Apr. 10, there was a serious incident2003-06-01
Trad owners want new contract2003-06-01
The hole is being refilled2003-09-01
More mistakes, more monitoring2003-09-01
There's more to this than yellowcake & fallout;Indonesia's nuclear program;part11996-12-01Claire Gerson
More legal hurdles2001-03-01
Big delay in coming clean2001-03-01
Others want to know2001-03-01
The shipments: thin end of the wedge?2001-03-01
Pre election spats2002-12-01
Post election spat2002-12-01
Just an abiding interest in old street director, officer2002-12-01
The Honeymoon's over: time to leak like sieve2002-04-01
It's a little bit different to coke2002-04-01
Plenty of spills, none of them made public2002-04-01
Kakadu faces more threats: Traditional owners dismayed at company pratices2002-06-01
No plans for at least ten years2002-06-01
Who's fault's this?2002-09-01Green, Jim
The usual no-one-was-at-risk response2002-09-01
Tenderers spill2001-12-01
Jabiluka has no value2000-06-01
The Roxby fire the price of fast-tracking2000-03-01
The case of the scorched lawn2000-03-01
Japan goes critical1999-12-01
Like driving a freeway through the pyramids1999-09-01
Pangea's real hope1999-06-01
Just quitly doing the rounds1999-06-01
It's not been a good two years for ERA1999-03-01
Jabiluka, a chronology of campaign. September 7 - november 25, 19981998-12-01
Jabiluka a chronology of a campaign june 15 - september 3, 19981998-09-01
Jabiluka, the outrage grows1998-06-01
The old reactor/ the new reactor. Panic stations as fire rings Lucas Height1998-03-01Green, Jim
Privatising electricity. Good for business, bad for everything else1997-12-01Bee, Stevie
Radiation risk downgraded. Children and pregnant women can be exposed to more ra2003-03-01
Safety compromised by commercial interests?2003-03-01
If a housebuilder did this, the owners would sack them2003-06-01
Waste stays put as terrorism forces a rethink2003-06-01
SA fails to declare waste site a park2003-09-01
Bucking the trend2003-09-01
WA set to ban wastes from other states2003-09-01
New sites now being investigated2003-09-01
One of two reprocessing plants at the la Hague2001-03-01
Another blow to MOX2001-03-01
Nuclear highway2001-03-01
Court stops Lucas Heights waste entering France2001-03-01
More than 1000 people protested2002-12-01
Swedish prime minister2002-12-01
The Belgian government2002-12-01
Cracks found recently in a South Carolina reactor2002-12-01
On Nov. 8, the Japanese Ministry of health2002-12-01
The food zapper is here2002-12-01
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission2002-04-01
On Jan. 11, during a special annual alarm test2002-04-01
The nuclear power reactors2002-04-01
It was the computer's fault2002-04-01
They still make energy by harnessing the power of the atom2002-06-01
Forty-eight residents2002-06-01
One of Britain's oldest nuclear power stations2002-06-01
Look me in the eye, Tony2002-06-01
On May 12, a huge landslide2002-06-01
Evidence that normal levels of mobilephone radiation2002-09-01
Inquiries galore2002-09-01
The US government secretly hired2001-12-01
Indian police have seized 25 kilos of uranium2001-12-01
Bulgarian authorities2001-12-01
Despite lingering fears regarding the plant's safety2001-12-01
On the other side: former ANSTO employees speak out2001-12-01
The rush job: ANSTO fears any delay may blow the cover2001-12-01
As a first step2000-06-01
About 50 villagers2000-06-01
On Jun. 15 German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder2000-06-01
Overkill: police riot2000-06-01
Not without cover2000-06-01
Hot Kakadu tourist spot2000-06-01
A good listener2000-06-01
The Germans Greens have endorsed a plan2000-09-01
Sweden's Environment Minister Kjell Larsson2000-09-01
A Seismological survey produced by France's2000-09-01
ASN, the French nuclear safety regulator2000-09-01
Out-of-date before the first sod's turned?2000-09-01
Power squabble2000-09-01
After a three-year delay2000-03-01
US Energy Secretary2000-03-01
The Clinton administration2000-03-01
Russia: we'll take your waste2000-03-01
Wakey, wakey1999-12-01
WMC, Heathgate Resources and Southern Cross Resources1999-12-01
This stuff certainly gets around1999-12-01
The Tohoku Electric Power Company1999-12-01
In the aftermath of the Turkish earthquake1999-09-01
Four of Germany's 19 reactors1999-09-01
Cogema, which operates France's La Hague1999-09-01
Environmental groups in Spain have reacted1999-09-01
Canadian uranium exports1999-09-01
Totally predictable1999-09-01
Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL)1999-06-01
RWE Energie's Biblis A reactor1999-06-01
The British House of Lords1999-06-01
An all-party1999-06-01
A new study by the US1999-06-01
We don't like it1999-06-01
Radioactive contaminants can migrate in groundwater1999-03-01
The American Nuclear Society says1999-03-01
Finally, after all these years they make it formal1999-03-01
A Study published in the october 1998 issue1999-03-01
Cleanup gets squeezed1999-03-01
Sell now, avoid the rush1999-03-01
On Oct. 23, the Texas Natural Resources1998-12-01
Just two months after the Mochovce reactor1998-12-01
Canada's Ontario Hydro is to buy 1000 tons1998-12-01
The US Energy Information Administration1998-09-01
The US Environmental Protection Agency1998-09-01
The price of UK electricity1998-09-01
The Canadian Atomic Energy Control Board1998-06-01
On April 3, Canada's Saskatchewan government1998-06-01
On april 15, the French company Cogema1998-06-01
Canada's Nuclear Regulator1998-06-01
On november 18, Japanese anti-nuclear activists1998-03-01
Australia's uranium exports in 19971998-03-01
Radioactive waste from Britain's1998-03-01
The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control1998-03-01
On September 30, a gravel truck1998-03-01
Namibia. More come forward1998-03-01
If the vets are finding it though, the Johnny-come-latelies might as well give u1997-12-01Bee, Stevie
ERA'S AGM, the regent hotel, Sydney. All part of the performance1997-12-01
A major emergency was sparked near Perth2003-03-01
Russia's only reprocessing plant, Mayak2003-03-01
The European Parliament has voted to2003-03-01
Thieves plundered a desolate ocean beacon2003-06-01
The governments of Japan and Russia have agreed2003-06-01
On May 29, the US department of Agriculture lifted its ban2003-06-01
The Riso National Laboratory in Denmark2003-06-01
Three months were lost when two ancient geological faults2003-06-01
Firefighters say accident plan "breathtakingly inept"2003-06-01
US Nuke executives are a gloomy old lot1996-04-01Green Left Weekly
If we knew the truth (it'd be different);interview with Christine Christopherson1996-12-01
The search narrows2001-03-01
Shoddy storage, tawdry transport2001-03-01
WMC plays old-fashioned bullyboy again2001-03-01
Time to call in the outsiders2002-04-01
Maralinga survivors: We are veterans of war2002-04-01
Proton beam plant could be an answer2002-04-01
Residents to get their first emergency response plan2002-06-01
Protests in Canberra, Buenos Aires target waste2002-06-01
More like a vanishing dot.com2002-09-01Adams, Tom
Secret plan to build more nukes2002-09-01Edwards, Rob
Who gets the garbage, we wonder?2001-12-01
We're doing this for our kids2001-12-01
The doctors didn't even notice2000-06-01Green, Jim
You can't blame'em2000-06-01
Will the new reactor be a lemon?2000-09-01
Mushroom therapy2000-09-01
Still hanging around2000-03-01
Military against dump2000-03-01
Four more sites added2000-03-01
Yucca Mountain, Nevada, USA2000-03-01
How will the accident affect nuclear power in Japan and Australia's uranium sale1999-12-01
Big chunk earmarked1999-09-01
Nuclear-free zone to protect prime WA country1999-09-01
The phantom reactor gets the nod1999-06-01
ANSTO first, the people last1999-06-01
Former workers go critical1999-03-01
No one wants the stuff1999-03-01
Final EIS out1999-03-01
Three accidents in one month1999-03-01
The Beverly uranium mine, South Australia. No guarantee the gunk will stay in th1998-03-01Bee, Steve
We gotta be on the board, no matter how much it costs1997-12-01Fries, Peter/ Green, Jim
For one thing, the roads won't take it2003-03-01
NSW promises long political battle2003-03-01
Not so sure they want it back2003-06-01
Waste must be dug up and remelted2003-06-01
Cancer rates start to drop2003-09-01Knight, Danielle
Roxby Downs; Double trouble1996-12-01
Talking in the trash2001-03-01
Yucca mountain: still more questions2001-03-01
A leak at one of the two reactors2002-12-01
After lobbying by Washington2002-12-01
Residents of the town of miyama2002-12-01
Still in Japan2002-12-01
We know the stories2002-12-01
Work finnally got underway2002-04-01
Meanwhile, Norway which has complained for years2002-04-01
A new British government report2002-04-01
Britain must pay up for our sacrifice2002-04-01
The British government2002-06-01
Burma's military junta has signed an agreement2002-06-01
On Apr. 26, Europe's largest atomic power station2002-06-01
Activists vow to continue campaign2002-06-01
Greens walk out after fifth reactor approved2002-06-01
Not welcome here2002-09-01
Another blow for MOX2002-09-01
No compo because there's no risk2002-09-01
How do you check all those pipes?2002-09-01
OnOct. 9, villagers from the Chelyabinsk2001-12-01
Tricky times for ERA, WMC2001-12-01
Rio Tinto considers ERA's future2001-12-01
WHC rejects in danger listing2001-12-01
Some good news for customers of ten utilities2000-06-01
The nuclear claims tribunal2000-06-01
Twenty-one 'abnormals'2000-06-01
The other end2000-06-01
Could've made bomb material2000-06-01
Luxembourg will ban the import2000-09-01
Output from Sweden's Ringhals nuclear power plant2000-09-01
Finaly, after seven delays2000-09-01
No dump, no licence2000-09-01
The other side of INVAP2000-09-01
US reactor risk on the rise: scientists2000-09-01
Five people have been hospitalised2000-03-01
The British government has approved2000-03-01
Generational dumping2000-03-01
Britain's backlog may cause shutdowns2000-03-01
Not what they thought2000-03-01
Flying high-level in Canada: weapons to power?2000-03-01
Sweden's Barsebaeck 11999-12-01
A worker at the Sellafield1999-12-01
Twenty-two workers1999-12-01
As human sperm counts1999-12-01
Schroeder jolted into more positive rhetoric1999-12-01
The government of the Indian state of Bihar1999-09-01
A string of earthquakes hit close to Yucca Mountain1999-09-01
Nevada lawmakers say the US1999-09-01
Farmers in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales1999-09-01
On Jul. 10, singer Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley1999-09-01
Ohms not bombs1999-09-01
Dump may finally be investigated1999-06-01
Cells may be more sensitive to radiation1999-06-01
Radioactive waste from the Sellafield nuclear plant1999-06-01
US uranium production fell 17 percent1999-06-01
Higher thyroid cancer waste1999-06-01
A suspended operations shift supervisor1999-03-01
More engineering reviews will delay the restart1999-03-01
Sixty-two percent of 1000 respondents1999-03-01
No real protection1999-03-01
Nuclear has lost its edge1999-03-01
Negative legacy: court1999-03-01
A new French energy planning study1998-12-01
Bulgarian authorities have found1998-12-01
Switzerland's energy minister1998-12-01
Cuban President Fidel Castro has announced1998-12-01
Shell is secretly planning to dump 14 tons1998-09-01
The Atomic Weapons Establishment1998-09-01
The Bulgarian Institute of Oceanology1998-09-01
The Taiwanese government says1998-06-01
The UK Atomic Energy Authority1998-06-01
In related news. Under the cover of darkness1998-06-01
When radioactive alloy parts1998-06-01
Mexico's powerful and long-ruling1998-06-01
A study sponsored by the German1998-03-01
South Africa has abandoned1998-03-01
A Sydney morning Herald editorial1997-12-01
Former Russian general1997-12-01
On June 20, 1997, the highest court1997-12-01
Defence is violently opposed to a dump bordering a firing range2003-03-01
Some picnic2003-06-01
The Russian government has approved2003-09-01
Dead reactors aren't really dead2003-09-01
On Jul. 3, county commissioners in Tennessee2003-09-01
Britain decides to pull out2003-09-01
Marina no longer tries to conceal the ugly white scar running across her neck2001-03-01
Nordic rethink: expand the definition of what's fit to eat2001-03-01
Desperate times2001-03-01
Nuclear emergency? Call the local bookstore!2001-03-01
We'll try anything2002-12-01
Labor finally comes out2002-12-01
Official: "a failed scientific process"2002-12-01
Clark County is the first local government2002-12-01
Meantime, the US congress2002-12-01
A law firm hired to help DOE2002-12-01
Too bad, we'll override you anyway2002-04-01
One more part of the true cost2002-04-01
Return to sender2002-04-01
British government archives2002-04-01
For the first time, Switzerland is having to live2002-04-01
On Feb. 26, Russia's supreme court2002-04-01
Hot mail2002-09-01
Security checks cancelled2002-09-01
Mystery metal: DU2002-09-01
Raid on Serbia unearths massive nuclear haul2002-09-01
Anti-fallout pill popular2002-09-01
Did Media Watch take sides?2001-12-01Green, Jim
SA bans medium to high-level dump2001-12-01
Getting heard's the issue2001-12-01
Ten times mor2001-12-01
Part of a continuum2001-12-01
SA to legislate against federal dump2000-06-01
Anti-dump goes fully mainstream2000-06-01
Whyalla and port Augusta councils oppose dump2000-06-01
What's next2000-06-01
No plan2000-06-01
The people's conference on nuclear issues2000-06-01
More options shortlisted: and no one's happy2000-09-01
SA: vast majority against dump2000-09-01
A five-year-old boy's letter prompts SA labour2000-09-01
Govt. to privatise dump?2000-09-01
Riverina councils will hear anti-dump view2000-09-01
Adelaide anti-waste rally draws 4000 Sa petition reaches 125,0002000-09-01
Sometimes you see such suffering your life can never be the same2000-03-01Roberts, Martha
The Brits aren't any better1999-12-01
Story of the decade: The boy scout who almost built a reactor1999-12-01
Too close for comfort1999-09-01
The big shutdown, just in case1999-09-01
A different threat in Russia1999-09-01
Bedding down with the nuke1999-09-01
DU(I) NATO's radioactive reign1999-06-01
What if NATO were hit the nukes?1999-06-01
They're still eyeing us off1999-03-01
The big spill1999-03-01
The old dogs vs the new pups1998-12-01
Snapshot 11998-09-01
Coming soon: The Roxby expansion. The largest 'hot' spot in the world1998-03-01
More evidence: it does fade your genes1998-03-01
Roxstop: one impression1998-03-01Mudd, Gavin
Alternatives to a new reactor1997-12-01
Czech NIMBYism2003-03-01
Containers won't hold2003-03-01
Silence the overseers2003-03-01
Code for we're not sure what we're doing2003-03-01
What good is the money, if...2003-03-01
Is this much tragedy in one family normal?2003-06-01
Floating 'Chernobyl' on our doorstep?2003-06-01
They just don't get it2003-06-01
A 50-year-old system built for an analog society that can't handle the demands2003-09-01
Sucked in, drowned, suffocated2001-03-01
US uranium production2002-12-01
Waste from US nuclear weapons2002-12-01
Howard Hughes knew the cast and crew2002-12-01
Now, medical history2002-12-01
As few as eight percent of Britons support building2002-04-01
Two environmental activist2002-04-01
Plans to dismantle the original Sellafield nuclear reactor2002-04-01
A new opinion poll shows Finland2002-04-01
High level Chernobyl cover up2002-04-01
Workers at the Dounreay nuclear plant in Scotland2001-12-01
Lithuania's Ignalina 1 nuclear power reactor2001-12-01
The deputy director2001-12-01
On Oct. 4, the Swiss parlaiment2001-12-01
Now they tell us2001-12-01
The Bottomless pit2001-12-01
Engineer says he was ignored2001-12-01
Out of space2001-12-01
More doubts on the mountain2001-12-01
See, it isn't solved2001-12-01
Taiwan's economics minister has ordered Taipower2000-06-01
Workers at four nuclear weapons complexes2000-06-01
Environmentalists claim the US2000-06-01
Transport flasks2000-06-01
The dog-eat-dog stage2000-06-01
On Jun.19, Greenpeace released new footage2000-09-01
Sweden can afford to scrap a second reactor2000-09-01
On Aug. 7, the vice-governor for the Chelyabinsk2000-09-01
The incinerator that burns all low-level radioactive waste2000-09-01
Is SA cleaner than WA?2000-09-01
Federal labor unanimous2000-09-01Green, Jim
A million Indian children killed Chernobyl?2000-09-01
Nasal treatments may have exposed millions2000-09-01
Court hints at showdown2000-09-01
Storage problems2000-09-01
Almost 100 research labs2000-03-01
Meantime, seven US and nine Japanese2000-03-01
Although no completion date was set2000-03-01
The Cape Metropolitan Council2000-03-01
In early December, the FBI arrested2000-03-01
1: Alexander Nikitin2000-03-01
2: Karen Silkwood2000-03-01
Stealing cables from on-line reactor2000-03-01
Why weren't we told?2000-03-01
Depleted uranium in the Gulf: Canadians to be tested2000-03-01
Northeast Utilities1999-12-01
A study on stllbirths1999-12-01
For the umpteenth time1999-12-01
X-rays cause cancer1999-12-01
High temperatures1999-09-01
Sweden's supreme administrative court1999-09-01
Belgium's new Liberal-Socialist-Green coalition1999-09-01
Tennessee state officials have agreed1999-09-01
The world's first nuclear power plant1999-09-01
The threat of random outages1999-09-01
Brits go untested1999-09-01
The evidence continues to mount1999-09-01
France's nuclear safety authority DSIN1999-06-01
Russia has put on hold plans1999-06-01
The Safety Evaluation Report for the NASA1999-06-01
The families of 90 terminally ill cancer patients1999-06-01
On Mar. 28, more than 3000 people1999-06-01
Chernobyl 13 years after. Near the end of their tether1999-06-01
A panel of US nuclear experts1999-03-01
The University of Bremen in Germany1999-03-01
Meanwhile, researchers from Aberystwyth University1999-03-01
Still on childhood cancer1999-03-01
Test aftermath1999-03-01Sharma, Kalpana
Tearing at the veil1999-03-01
Children exposed to radioactive iodine1998-12-01
The Korea Electric Co has dropped1998-12-01
A bunch of contradictions1998-12-01
The Australian Geological Survey Organisation1998-09-01
Usually when thieves steal stuff1998-09-01
A report from the Union of Concerned Scientist1998-09-01
Californian governor Pete Wilson's long-running effort1998-06-01
Meanwhile, Los Angels city officials1998-06-01
France's state railway company SNCF1998-06-01
On December 22, more than 100 demonstrators1998-03-01
The German administrative court1998-03-01
Still on shaky ground1998-03-01
Connecticut Yankee is trying to find1998-03-01
Something nice for the kiddies to worry about1998-03-01
A leading member of the French nuclear industry1997-12-01
On September 3, Hungarian authorities1997-12-01
In 1995, US researchers found mutant mice1997-12-01
Competition to hit more reactors1997-12-01
Cutbacks hamper dump's progress2003-03-01
Russian waste storage depot near full, reactors could close2003-03-01
Win for Orchid Island2003-03-01
Terrorist's dream2003-03-01
Residents win court case2003-03-01
First crack in the wall2003-03-01
Two security guards at the Oyster creek2003-06-01
The US House of Reps has passed a bill2003-06-01
A US licensing board has blocked an application by agroup2003-06-01
Back after a long decline?2003-06-01
How do you look the wannabes in the face?2003-06-01
More bad news for the troubled plagued Davis-Besse2003-09-01
And even more bad news2003-09-01
A New York state environmental study2003-09-01
A van loaded with 15 kilos of depleted uranium2003-09-01
The big blackout2003-09-01
On the road to "dirty" bomb2002-04-01
Chernobyl - sixteen years later2002-06-01
Perfect timing2002-09-01
Feds vs the rest2002-09-01
Hot scrap hits Scotland2002-09-01
Temporary permanence2002-09-01
Threat of drastic action2002-09-01
The US government spent $US62 million2002-09-01
Almost 90 percent of Britain's nuclear waste2002-09-01
The great guzzler2000-06-01
Arabunna elder resumes his target2000-06-01
The Los Alamos fire. No radiation release?2000-06-01
Don't record it and it'll go away!2000-06-01
Chernobyl is finally to close2000-06-01
Best not to scare the kiddies1999-12-01
Two-day nuclear holiday urged1999-12-01
Take 'em off1999-12-01
The value of self-regulation 11999-12-01
The value of self regulation 21999-12-01
Two more 'death' ships leave Europe for Japan. Another dose of the plutonium sta1999-09-01
The purpose of the mox1999-09-01
INDIA vs PAKISTAN, helping hands1998-06-01
Britain dumps nukes in favour of renewables2003-03-01
British Energy gets last-minute govt reprieve2003-03-01
The states promise plenty of argy-bargy2003-06-01
Small wins for space industry and Defence2003-06-01
Was it all deliberate?2003-09-01
Swiss poll not all bad: conservatives come out2003-09-01
Even the industry is opposed2002-12-01
Myanmar is to build a 10 MW resarch reactor2002-04-01
Two radioactive fuel rods2002-04-01
The Miyama town assembly in Japan2002-04-01
Radiation levels in deer tested2002-04-01
No magic pill2002-04-01
Custom's officers to be protected2002-04-01
The fortress is gonna cost2002-04-01
All 13 of Ukraine's nuclear reactors2002-06-01
While irradiated beef is available2002-06-01
Serious differences have arisen between Russia and Iran2002-06-01
The storming of a 34-year-old nuclear power plant2002-06-01
Scavengers got more than they bargained for2002-06-01
An explosion in deformities, cancers... and the roof's about to cave in2002-06-01
Several hunderd devices containing2002-09-01
Fifty fish farmers demonstrated outside Wolsong2002-09-01
Taiwan's stop-go Fourth Nuclear Power Plant]2002-09-01
Production over safety, again2002-09-01
A second worker has died2000-06-01
The town of Yaku2000-06-01
In a move designed to assert Russia's clout2000-06-01
Lithuania has passed a bill2000-06-01
A UN taskforce has reported2000-06-01
The French government1999-12-01
The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment1999-12-01
Like a poorly-poured beer1999-12-01
Canadian Atomic Energy officials1999-12-01
Four environment activist1999-12-01
The mill will make or break Jabiluka1999-12-01
The softly, softly approach1999-12-01
There's no crime of genoicide1999-12-01
The owner of a sporting estate1999-09-01
Siemens is cutting staff numbers1999-09-01
Britain's Nuclear Instalations Inspectorate (NII)1999-09-01
The Campaign for Nuclear disarmament1999-09-01
Bombs-to-power plan is just symbolic1999-09-01
Building without all the blueprints1999-09-01
A woman receiving radioactive iodine1998-09-01
Electricite de France is taking all three of its operating1998-09-01
The Czech government is hiring a team1998-09-01
The 6.2 earthquake that killed more than 100 people1998-09-01
Twenty-one people were arrested1998-09-01
In March, hundreds of activist across the US1998-06-01
The European Commission says1998-06-01
In 1971, thirty years before a hole was found2003-03-01
An incident at Mexico's Laguana Verde2003-03-01
A defect in a backup shutdown system2003-03-01
Atomic Age death toll put 65m2003-03-01
Across a beach, over the seas, through a canal: the diverse path of a dead react2003-03-01
"when I was a young girl we saw the bomb explode. That was enough. We don't want2003-06-01
The waste pile Australia2003-06-01
SA unions ban construction2003-06-01
Crisis has a silver lining2003-09-01
5 Voices of Chernobyl1996-12-01
73 Questions (for ERA to answer)1998-09-01Hallam, John
While the shop goes under, Russia's nuclear boys are in la-la land1998-09-01Clarke, Renfrey
Survivors demand long overdue benefits2003-03-01
Chernobyl wheat repackaged as Romanian, sold to Arab countries2003-03-01
Finishing new shelter is a race against time2003-03-01
Every fragment matters2003-06-01
No time to test soldiers before the war2003-06-01
A Walk Across Europe1996-04-01Ila Marks
Government ministers from 15 countries1998-09-01
Meanwhile, Britain's environment minister1998-09-01
On Jul. 9, the administrative court of Limoges1998-09-01
An internal report of the Millstone 31998-06-01
Surplus government stocks1998-06-01
Officially Japan plans to build1998-06-01
The controversial Mochovce 11998-06-01
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)2003-03-01
On Dec. 31. Bulgaria's Kozloduy 1 and 22003-03-01
A culture of theft at Amercian's Los Alamos2003-03-01
Even Christmas isn't safe2003-03-01
Reactor in crisis even after it's closed2003-03-01
Journalist freed, vows to prove innocence2003-03-01
Belgium votes to phase out n-power2003-03-01
Clear evidence: children are at risk2003-06-01
Overdosing kids on CT scans2003-06-01
The never-completed second unit of the Seabrook2003-09-01
On May 18, the oldest reactor at the Kola2003-09-01
On Jul. 10, the European Convention moved2003-09-01
The go-ahead has been given to begin2003-09-01
Australian service personnel who served in the attack on Iraq2003-09-01
Doubts on tests2003-09-01
No plans to clean up2003-09-01
Fact file nuclear power 20022003-09-01
The Smolensk nuclear facility protest1996-04-01Ila Marks
The Minsk protest in Belarus1996-04-01Ila Marks
China: Another Tibet in the making?1996-04-01PND Newsletter
Chernobyl's 10th anniversaty; Can't kill the memory that easily1996-12-01
200 Times Hiroshima1996-12-01
Proponents of the controversial Ward Valley1999-06-01
The Ukrainian government1999-06-01
More than half of Canada's MP's1999-06-01
Demolition work has begun on Spain's1999-06-01
Extinction in sight for nukes1999-06-01
Local residents and environmental groups1998-12-01
Japan's Chugoku Electric Power Co.1998-12-01
Eight men have been arrested in Istanbul1998-12-01
A bacterium found in can of spoiled meat1998-12-01
Denail after denail won't wash1998-12-01
Neither is bigger than the other's1998-12-01
An attempt by a group pro-nuclear1998-03-01
No idea department1998-03-01
Even the industry is appalled1998-03-01
Mopeds the rescue!1998-03-01
Denial & forgetfulness1997-12-01
Armenia: Time for prayers1996-04-01The Australian
If the government won't have one, we will1996-12-01Grusha Leeman
Canada; Familiar story1996-12-01
Russia; That dizziness again1996-12-01
Just one privilege left: the privilege to die2001-12-01
Wheat still mutating2001-12-01
Just as risky for babies born now2001-12-01
Storms shut reactors2001-12-01
Crumbling infrastructure could mean more close shaves2001-12-01
Better buildings and transport the answer, not more nukes2000-09-01Clover, Charles
British Nuclear Fuel Ltd (BNFL) has been order2000-09-01
A poll in late May found 85 percent2000-09-01
BNFL claims a worker who tried earlier2000-09-01
In related news, BNFL has agreed2000-09-01
BNFL is promising an investigation2000-09-01
Plans to decommission the damaged Windscale2000-09-01
Repeat performance1999-06-01Marsh, Julian
The juggernaut's in trouble1999-03-01
Meantime, French radiation protection authorities1999-03-01
Scrap factory causes scare1999-03-01
Russia's atomic killing fields1998-12-01Harrison, David
Fallout from the tests. Just stall, they'll be dead soon1998-03-01
The pilots were ideal because they had regular medical checks1998-03-01
Japan: The end of the breeder?1996-04-01
Japan's first nuclear powered ship is ...1996-12-01
Construction costs on Japan's first nuclear reprocessing plant ...1996-12-01
Still in Japan. The country's first referendum ...1996-12-01
And still in Japan: More novel ways to dispose ...1996-12-01
Anti-nuclear activists opposed to the ...1996-12-01
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission2002-12-01
Nuclear power won't be needed2002-12-01
Still needs the cushion2002-12-01
The US Department of Energy (DOE)2001-12-01
On Sep. 6 the Mayor and City Council of Las Vegas2001-12-01
The influential Japanese Federation2001-12-01
Usual mess, no money (or idea) how to clean it up2001-12-01
Untried hybrid tests relations2001-12-01
The price of being big: £400,000 a day2001-12-01
As expected, US President Bill Clinton2000-06-01
On Mar. 13, near Ize Brittany2000-06-01
The Isreali government is considering2000-06-01
The US Supreme Court has rejected2000-06-01
Incinerator victory. Not without huge effort2000-06-01
Genetic research. Any dose will do it2000-06-01
Kazakhstan's last nuclear test site2000-09-01
A father and his two children died2000-09-01
The neighbours have finally had enough2000-09-01
Bleak future for Rossing2000-09-01
Honeywell is diversifying2000-09-01
The US Department of Agriculture2000-03-01
On Dec. 8, ten workers were injured2000-03-01
Workers at the Leningrad nuclear power plant2000-03-01
The Specialty Steel Industry of North America2000-03-01
The two-reactor Ashihama nuclear power plant2000-03-01
Just rewrite the tax laws2000-03-01
Nevada test site new year's with a difference2000-03-01
A survey done for the French nuclear industry1999-06-01
A new generic defect has been found1999-06-01
After studying the behaviour of irradiated salt1999-06-01
France has finally admitted1999-06-01
A Litany of loss1999-06-01
A survey of more than a thousand US voters1999-06-01
Bulgaria's nuclear industry has dropped plans1999-03-01
The US energy utility1999-03-01
It all began with the ants1999-03-01
Scrap doesn't stay scrap1998-12-01
The millennium bug doesn't seem to bother1998-12-01
Investigators say the US National Citizen's1998-12-01
Ten members of the International Citizen's Inspection Team1998-12-01
Dr. Eric Wright of Britain's Medical Research Council (MRC)1998-03-01
Last November, Austria became the first country1998-03-01
The Japanese government printed1998-03-01
After months of uncertainly1998-03-01
The Asian crisis. Bumbpy road ahead for South Korea1998-03-01
Chernobyl repairs: funds trickle in1998-03-01
France: the market begins to decline1998-03-01
(just about) Nowhere is safe from the mobile phone1997-12-01Firstenberg, Arthur
It always takes guinea pigs2001-03-01
DU for Afghanistan2002-12-01
Why, there could even be terrorist working at your local nuke2002-06-01
Nuclear attack? Just pop a pill2002-06-01
The compensation is just plain lousy2001-12-01
The Himalayas in our way? Simple, just nuke them.2001-12-01
Out by a factor of ten2001-12-01
Sunbathing gets solitary2001-12-01
US and Russian nuclear watchdog groups2001-12-01
The brink of bankruptcy, BNFL faces its toughest test yet: economics2000-06-01
They said it wasn't customer friendly2000-09-01
Cockroach withstands massive radiation2000-09-01
Thick as thieves2000-09-01
From the skid rows of Tokyo2000-03-01
Latest toll2000-03-01
Return to normality?2000-03-01
BNFL in hot water2000-03-01
Bill doesn't go far enough1999-12-01
Why aren't there more takers?1999-12-01
Defacto dump?1999-12-01
Cutting ties?1999-12-01
Nuclear-free zones spread1999-12-01
Unwellcome rally1999-12-01
The $1.9 billion Roxby expansion1999-06-01
The Jabiluka blockade. Two views1999-03-01O'Reilly, Ciaron/ Fisher, Rachel
Life after shutdown1998-12-01Goldberg, Carey
Aboriginal people warn over waste dump. We will unleash power that cannot be ima1998-06-01
Canada. Where have we heard this before?1998-03-01
Shape up or quit1998-03-01
Following on last issue's piece2002-12-01
Engineering experts are divided2002-12-01
Finnaly, this place starts to thaw2002-04-01
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission2002-06-01
The supreme Court of Canada has refused2002-06-01
Right out of the blue2002-06-01
Four years after India conducted a series2002-09-01
A US federal appeals court2002-09-01
About 87,000 litres of "mildly radioactive" liquid2002-09-01
On May 15, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)2002-09-01
Can't even look after existing vets2002-09-01
Kids at risk2002-09-01
Plans to extend operating licences2001-12-01
More money down the drain2001-12-01
Since the 1980s, Britain's Ministry of Defence2000-06-01
Computer records of hundred of safety2000-06-01
Turkey's treasury says it can't afford2000-06-01
In March, the UK Atomic Energy Authority2000-06-01
The Russian Ministry for Emergencies2000-06-01
The French are no different2000-06-01
Environmental activists in Puerto Rico2000-09-01
The International Atomic Energy Agency2000-09-01
Statistics are the people with the tears wiped away2000-09-01
Wildfires hit nuke labs2000-09-01
50 years to find out2000-09-01
What's rotted my dad's body?2000-03-01
On Nov. 18, the Dutch international insurance company2000-03-01
Britain's top-secret nuclear weapons factory2000-03-01
The Korean Air cargo plane that crashed2000-03-01
The Tennessee Valley Authority2000-03-01
Britain's nuclear reactors are being run unsafely2000-03-01
In response to US concerns about security2000-03-01
The state of Washington1999-12-01
Britain's House of Commons1999-12-01
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency1999-12-01
When Hurricane Floyd passed over the Brunswick1999-12-01
Seems it isn't just the locals1999-12-01
Nuclear waste to make frying pans, wedding rings and baby carriages!1999-12-01
Champions of the euphemism1999-12-01
The other option: keep it where it is1999-12-01
In his drive to close unprofitable businesses1999-09-01
Britain's stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium1999-09-01
Workers in US nuclear weapons facilities1999-09-01
The British nuclear waste disposal company Nirex1999-09-01
Residents with cancer on Ireland's east coast1999-09-01
Fiji gives pensions to its n-vets, Australia waits as they drop like flies1999-09-01
Theething trouble1999-09-01
Glowing mushrooms1999-09-01
Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd1999-06-01
The Austrian government1999-06-01
If Lithuania wants to begin negotiations1999-06-01
The US Nuclear Reactor Commission1999-06-01
Advocates of food irradiations1999-03-01
More than 200 environmental groups1999-03-01
Seven adults and three children were badly1999-03-01
Who said those B-grade 1950s horror movies1998-12-01
Doctors and scientists in the United States1998-12-01
New Greenpeace sampling carried out1998-12-01
Spain's militairy intelligence agency1998-12-01
Reactor goes in fire sale1998-12-01
Fallout from the Gulf: vets exposed1998-12-01
Iran has earmarked nearly $US140 million1998-12-01
Connecticut Light and Power says1998-09-01
Workers dismantling the Big Rock Point1998-09-01
The Swedish government's safety watchdog1998-09-01
On Jun. 8, the German newspaper die Tageszeitung1998-09-01
California environmentalist are warning1998-09-01
Eleven of 49 nuclear waste flaks1998-09-01
Radiation doesn't directly cause cancer1998-09-01
The owner of the Ohma nuclear reactor1998-06-01
Nine years after nuclear testing1998-06-01
The Leningrad 2 reactor in Russia1998-06-01
Cancer cluster defies explanation1998-06-01
In Canada's first ever referendum on nuclear power1998-03-01
Still in Canada. According to a report1998-03-01
Tests conducted on highly1998-03-01
Nuclear waste. Native Americans: the ceremonies go on1998-03-01
US approves more meat zapping1998-03-01
The Photographic and Imaging1997-12-01
In a drastic departure, France has signalled1997-12-01
Nuclear Trash. Ohio dumps waste dump1997-12-01
Not so crazy after all2002-12-01
No plant is safe2002-12-01
Politics trumps science2002-04-01
Who's pocket is he in?2002-04-01
Yucca Mountain: the opposition2002-04-01
It was never about the science2002-06-01
The last place to put the stuff2002-06-01
Full before it's finished2002-06-01
Jerry Lewis ain't leaving without a fight2002-06-01
Clinton: "Don't give up!"2002-06-01
The doctors and real estate agents join the campaign2002-06-01
Senate votes 60-39 to approve waste dump campaigners still upbeat, vowing to fig2002-09-01Mariote, Michael
The US Department of Energy has let a five-year,2001-12-01
The US Congress has agreed to provide2001-12-01
On Oct. 9, the UK Atomic Energy Authority2001-12-01
On Oct. 8, Slovakia's Deputy Prime Minister for Economy2001-12-01
The Clinton administration2001-12-01
The US Department of Energy (DOE)2001-12-01
New nuclear power plants are unlikely to be built2001-12-01
A draft US federal report on what to be do with2001-12-01
Meanwhile DOE says it'll extend Fluor's contract2001-12-01
On Nov. 11, the head of russia's nuclear safety watchdog2001-12-01
Nukes 13 vs renewables 12001-12-01
Just add it to the dreamtime2000-06-01
The US will spend another $US413 million2000-09-01
The US Senate has unanimously passed2000-09-01
Meantime, the US House of Representatives2000-09-01
Lithuania has received pledges2000-09-01
Ukraine says a lack of funds2000-09-01
The US-Russian agreement to dispose2000-09-01
New York Citibank has approved a loan2000-09-01
British Energy's buy-up of North America's nuclear industry2000-09-01
The cleanup contractor2000-09-01
Iraq believes $US375 billion will be needed2000-09-01
... it still takes the cake2000-09-01
Accident insurance for Germany's nuclear reactors2000-09-01
Battle over the big talk-up2000-09-01
Corrosion in 30 days2000-09-01
British Nuclear Fuels has announced2000-03-01
Italy plans to spend nearly $US3 billion2000-03-01
Global technology group, ABB2000-03-01
Financial constraints could soon force Ukraine2000-03-01
Since work began on the proposed Yucca Mountain2000-03-01
Since 1994, Japan, the US, the European Union2000-03-01
Slovakia has suspended indefinitly a shipment2000-03-01
The US Department of Energy2000-03-01
Stranded in more ways than one2000-03-01
Since the US government sold its2000-03-01
Argentina's plan to privatise its nuclear power industry2000-03-01
The things workers get told. Safe enough to eat1999-12-01
Plugging pipes with pencils at Portsmouth1999-12-01
Death is not the worst thing1999-09-01Ward, Olivia
British troops received massive exposure1999-09-01
The European Commission is still considering1999-06-01
The European Union wants the Kozloduy1999-06-01
Underground disposal of radioactive waste1999-06-01
At a cost of FF910 million1999-06-01
A most unattractive offer1999-06-01
Sweden's Barseback nuclear power plant1999-06-01
A shortage of money is delaying repairs1999-06-01
AmerGen, a joint venture1999-06-01
A surplus of generating capacity1999-06-01
French-based reactor builder Framatome1999-06-01
The Romanian has released1999-03-01
Ukraine's Deputy Energy Minister1999-03-01
Meanwhile, another $US103 million1999-03-01
South Korea has agreed to cover 70 percent1998-12-01
Only one of four reactors1998-12-01
In a damages case involving a nuclear fuel plant1998-12-01
On Sep. 1, Sergey Kharitonov1998-12-01
If electrcity prices in the Czech republic1998-12-01
Who foots this cleanup bill?1998-12-01
Financial markets are yet to be convinced1998-09-01
Hungary has halted efforts to privatise1998-09-01
The US Agency for international development1998-09-01
India plans to build its first nuclear1998-09-01
The US department of energy has agreed1998-09-01
Pacific Gas & Electric wants a $US1 billion1998-09-01
On Jul. 15, a US federal jury1998-09-01
The US department of Energy has committed1998-09-01
The US government will spend $US400 million1998-09-01
The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)1998-09-01
The US Department of Energy will spend1998-09-01
A US judge has approved a $US10.3 million1998-09-01
The Romanian government is trying to find1998-06-01
US administration officials say a lack of money1998-06-01
Nevada's Governor Bob Miller1998-06-01
In March, 190 grams of enriched uranium1998-06-01
Japan's 160 MW Tokai-1 reactor1998-06-01
The British government will spend1998-06-01
On Apr. 22, after seven years1998-06-01
It's the simple obvious things you do first1998-06-01
Power crisis in Russia. To close or patch up?1998-03-01
Chernobyl's secret memos1998-03-01
Just give 'em a junket1998-03-01
Suddenly a phase-out is now possible1997-12-01
Safety suffers as France's reactors near their use-by dates1997-12-01
Canada: little worry about2002-12-01
Researchers at the INEEL2002-12-01
Public confidence in Japan's nuclear industry2002-12-01
Still at San Onofre2002-04-01
The US Department of Energy2002-04-01
The incubation period is over2002-04-01
Taiwan's Atomic Energy Council (AEC)2002-06-01
The Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute2002-06-01
Russia's minister for atomic energy2002-06-01
On Apr. 14, radioactive technetium 992002-06-01
A war of the legislators looms2002-06-01
No imports: the waste has to go back2002-06-01
Norway's PM backs demo2002-06-01
Staggering price tag2002-06-01
It's been revealed that in 1993 computer records2002-09-01
A former nuclear chemist2002-09-01
Money well-spent2002-09-01
All full up2002-09-01
... or are they? The waste could just stay where it is.2002-09-01
Pet topic: model joins anti-dumpers2002-09-01
Researchers from the university of Parma in Italy2001-12-01
On Sep. 4, a wandering squirrel2001-12-01
CT scans can be dangerous2001-12-01
Romanian tv claims thousands of Romanians2000-06-01
The US Department of Energy2000-06-01
Local institutes2000-06-01
Won't do the trick2000-06-01
Britain to close all eight magnox reactors2000-06-01
The informal opt-out2001-09-01
On Oct. 9 a truck loaded with 900 smoke detectors2000-03-01
Scientists from the university of North Carolina2000-03-01
In early December, the Lower House of the Dutch Parlaiment2000-03-01
After decades of denials, the US government2000-03-01
Thaw in Isreal's ice?2000-03-01
The US House of Representatives1999-12-01
In October, members of Norway's Bellona1999-12-01
Nato has no idea where they bombed1999-12-01
Bowing to European pressure1999-12-01
The rate of thyroid cancer1999-09-01
Who makes DU?1999-09-01
Kazakhstan's only nuclear reactor1999-09-01
More than 68 percent of Japanese say1999-09-01
Residents have attacked the Japanese government1999-09-01
On Jul. 12, 90 tons of radioactive cooling water1999-09-01
Oregon's Trojan nuclear power plant1999-09-01
South Korea's national utility, KEPCO1999-03-01
New research shows that the castor1999-03-01
On Dec.14, hundreds of activist1999-03-01
Wiser just to close them now1999-03-01
The British government has ordered1999-03-01
The European Union's Court1999-03-01
A survey of more than 2000 Britons1998-12-01
Greenpeace has called on the French government1998-12-01
What if it had been Cassini?1998-12-01
US nuclear whistleblower sues the beast1998-12-01
A panel of US experts has concluded1998-09-01
The Davis-Besse nuclear power station1998-09-01
Four of the toughest robots ever built1998-09-01
A cargo of 280 kilos of low-enriched uranium1998-09-01
Canada loses big time on reactor exports1998-09-01
German nuclear physicst Gerald Kirchner1998-06-01
About 250 members of the western Shoshone tribe1998-06-01
The Government of the Marshall Islands1998-06-01
Ontario Hydro won't be prosecuted1998-06-01
The European court of human rights1998-03-01
A group of chidren found a highly radioactive source1998-03-01
At the end of December1998-03-01
Recycling. Kitchenware that glows1998-03-01
The stern section of a Panamanian-flagged freighter1998-03-01
More than half the residents of Mala1997-12-01
Who really are the realist?1997-12-01
Massive incompetence1997-12-01
Tokyo does without its nukes and survives2003-06-01
The best time to attack is just after a failed PR exercise2003-06-01
Bargain hunters eye 'end-of-era' sales1999-12-01
Amnesty irrational1999-12-01
The next silent aftermath1999-09-01
Canada's uranium legacy. It was cancer treatment all right. We all got cancer1998-06-01
Clinton had planned to destroy North Korea's nuclear plants2003-03-01
I survived because I drank a lot of vodka2003-06-01Simunovich, Peter
A disaster just waiting to happen2003-06-01
The Koodankulam nuclear power project2002-12-01
Twelve prominent rabbis from britain2002-12-01
An incident at Germany's Philippsburg 22002-12-01
The 43 yo Chapelcross nuclear power station2002-04-01
The General Accounting Office says2002-04-01
The plague unfolds2002-04-01
A chamber of horrors2002-04-01
On Apr. 5, a rupture of the steam2002-09-01
A German court has given a nuclear waste storage plant worker2002-09-01
Sweden's parlaiment has endorsed the government's plan2002-09-01
US prison inmates2000-06-01
More and more workers2000-06-01
In related news2000-06-01
A controversial plan2000-06-01
The solution: classify him as mad2000-06-01
Nitikin is finally acquitted: just one step for one man2000-06-01
A hydrogen gas explosion1999-12-01
A US federal appeals court1999-12-01
The ships are in, but...1999-12-01
Tokyo Electric Power Co1999-09-01
Canadian academics1999-09-01
Lithuania, the most nuclear-dependent country1999-09-01
A new opinion poll shows1999-09-01
More than 20 activists from Russia1999-09-01
OnJul. 21, customs in Kazakstan1999-09-01
The truth will out1999-09-01
The Hanford headache continues1999-09-01
When Britain's Ministry of Defence1998-06-01
Meanwhile, Iraqi doctors have recorded1998-06-01
The Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory1998-06-01
More than 30 Greenpeace protesters2003-03-01
On Mar. 3, six former and current officials2003-03-01
Prime fishing areas hit with DU ammo2003-03-01
Just for handing out pamphlets2003-03-01
People just prefer to keep quiet and work2003-06-01Walsh, Nick Paton
Sex-mad worms adapt to radiation2003-06-01
The European Commission will help pay2002-12-01
Ukraine has to decided to pull out2002-12-01
The Armenian nuclear power station2002-12-01
Japan Atomic Power Co2002-12-01
Dispite a 10 month, $US9 million investigation2002-12-01
The owners of the Maine Yankee nuclear power plant2002-12-01
If you don't pay up, we'll take our bat and ball somewhere else2002-12-01
The US congress has approved spending $US 1.8 billion2002-12-01
The director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant2002-04-01
The Calder Hall nuclear power station at Sellafield2002-04-01
After an "exhaustive, eight month review"2002-04-01
Researcher Steve Thomas of the university of Greenwich2002-04-01
Cleaning up former East Germany's Wismut uranium mine2002-04-01
The estimated cost of nuclear waste manegement2002-06-01
Plans to overhaul the management of Britain's2002-06-01
Meanwhile, BNFL spent more than $US 1 milion2002-06-01
Political committees with ties to the nuclear power industry2002-06-01
A shareholder group has demanded General Electric2002-06-01
The Government-funded Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute2002-06-01
As expected the US Senate voted2002-06-01
British Energy (BE) say's it's losing money2002-06-01
Exelon plans to end its 12,5 percent stake2002-06-01
The Tennessee Valley Authority has approved2002-06-01
Meanwhile, Ontario Power Generation says2002-06-01
Consultants studying whether Energy Northwest should complete2002-06-01
BNFL, the company which runs Sellafield2002-09-01
A $US110 milion fund2002-09-01
The European Commission is to spend 1.23 billion euros2002-09-01
The proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain2002-09-01
G8 leaders have agreed to spend $US20 billion2002-09-01
The price tag for the tank waste glassification project2002-09-01
NASA is about to start to clean up2002-09-01
The Tennessee Valley Authority is preparing2002-09-01
Lithuania has signed an agreement2002-09-01
Guess who picks up the tab?2002-09-01
A proposed plutonium-processing plant2000-06-01
Russia's 112 research reactors are potentially dangerous2000-06-01
General Electric is asking2000-06-01
The potential price tag to convert2000-06-01
Speaking of cleanups...2000-06-01
The Indian government has revised cost2000-06-01
Due to continuing low power prices2000-06-01
US utility Comed wants its customers2000-06-01
Maine Yankee as terminated2000-06-01
Silencing the dissenters1999-12-01
Northeast Utilities, is getting out of1999-12-01
A US House of Representatives and Senate1999-12-01
The United States will pay $US3.8 million1999-12-01
AmerGen Energy has bought the1999-12-01
The community of Jackson, Wyoming1999-12-01
Canada goes for the big fire scale1999-12-01
Forty workers at Isreal's Dimona nuclear reactor1999-12-01
American Electric Power Co.1999-09-01
The US Enrichment Corporation has suspended work1999-09-01
A plan to sell-off 49 percent of British Nuclear Fuel (BNFL)1999-09-01
Still on BNFL. It looks as though1999-09-01
Take a Bath, Niagara1999-09-01
South Korea will loan North Korea $US3.2 billion1999-09-01
The US Department of Energy wants $US 409 million1999-09-01
The US General Accounting Office says1999-09-01
After spending more than $US111 million over a decade1999-09-01
On the nuclear never-never1999-09-01
The US government will spend $US280 million1999-09-01
After 16 years' research costing $US490 million1999-09-01
Germany's latest waste shipment. You never know when1998-06-01
When you go to war, your purpose is to kill, and DU is the best killing thing we2003-03-01Dunn, Travis
Let's not be hasty: if it ain't broke2003-06-01
Alcoholics are good for reactors2003-06-01
Un weakens standards: irradiated food is "safe"2003-09-01
The perils of holding a town meeting: the public is a wake-up2003-09-01Wartenberg, Steve
According to a new poll2002-12-01
Too busy with the big picture2002-12-01
Spain's ten-year energy plan expects2002-06-01
Guards at nuclear facilities in Russia2002-06-01
The Cadarache plutonium-uranium mixed-oxide fuel plant2002-06-01
This stuff is everywhere2002-06-01
Anecdotal evidence suggest many more are effected2002-06-01
Same story, different war2002-06-01
Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)2002-09-01
For the second time in four months2002-09-01
Britain's nuclear industry is facing a massive increase in clean up costs2002-09-01
Alice Stewart2002-09-01
While they trated verbal hostilities2000-06-01
GPU nuclear, which operated the Oyster Creek2000-06-01
An Iranian truck smugglin nuclear material2000-06-01
A US appeals court has ruled that1999-12-01
In a victory for Native Americans1999-12-01
Four environmental activist, were arrested1999-12-01
Nuclear waste can be buried, you know1999-12-01
A new report from Britain's NRPB1999-09-01
The things we research1999-09-01
The French Greens have warned1999-09-01
EDF has delayed the restart of the Civaux1999-09-01
Replacing Chernobyl. Gas is half the price1999-09-01
Taiwan won't build any more reactors1998-06-01
On Feb. 2, some 800 villagers of Yongwang1998-06-01
Moscow's new frontier. The place is riddled with it1998-06-01
Afghanistan: worst DU far2003-03-01Garland, Davey
We were told it was going to be paradise, but now they are killing our children2003-06-01
Depleted uranium was used in Gulf War II2003-06-01
Chernobyl 12 years later1998-06-01
First link to brain damage. Swedish research suggests possible death of brain ce2003-03-01
Radioactive bird poop pollutes food chain2003-03-01
Shoddy work at Taiwan's No.4 reactor2003-03-01
Crazed "alian" mocks n-plant security2003-03-01
Our troops are at risk from DU2003-09-01
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission1998-06-01
Still on recycling1998-06-01
More than 700 square kilometers1998-06-01
The US Department of Energy has released1998-06-01
Not too sure of the risks1998-06-01
Even Greenpeace is too scared to publish this one2003-03-01
The spy writes home... And they won't be happy!1998-06-01
Looters trash seven nuclear plants2003-06-01
Seaweed to be used to combat radiation2003-09-01
Six metal drums containing 150 kilos1998-06-01
Despite the succes of an operation1998-06-01
US federal regulators met face to face1998-06-01
Senior Taiwanse officials claim1998-06-01
Westinghouse is getting out1998-06-01
The Millenium bug. Nukes vulnerable too1998-06-01
Russia finally admits the link1998-06-01
The mess in Mesopotamia2003-06-01Pyne, Solana
Emergency plans are inadequate to protect the public2003-03-01
Greenpeace accuses the US of turning a blind eye2003-09-01
Royal Society to Pentagon: we are not amused2003-06-01
Could a reactor really withstand a direct hit?2003-03-01
Niger: we didn't sell them any uranium2003-03-01
Arizona has placed a contingent of its National Guard2003-06-01
Nice timing this one. Russia's Atomstroyexport is planning2003-06-01
Not right now2003-06-01
The coincidence you don't plan for2003-06-01
The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey2003-03-01
Japan's Trade Ministry has ordered a one-year suspension2003-03-01
Cracks have been found in pipes of the secondary cooling circuit2003-03-01
How not to run a complex project2003-03-01
Europe's heatwave hits reactors2003-09-01
The Lithuanian government plans to design2003-06-01
The estimate cost to restart the six Bruce A2003-06-01
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) says its nuclear2003-06-01
Meanwhile, TVA plans to spend $US2.1 billion to open2003-06-01
A Connecticut money manager, Paul Tudor Jones, says2003-06-01
The more you lose, the bigger the executive payout2003-06-01
The economics of farce: using taxpayer money to subsidise taxpayer power bills2003-06-01
In mid-February,the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station2003-03-01
The European Union has offered Lithuania2003-03-01
The US Senate has passed a bill to increase funds2003-03-01
America's 103 nuclear power plants are so strapped2003-03-01
The old man still needs his fix2003-03-01
Enough to fill a footbal field 280 storeys high2003-09-01
Swiss opposition to dump strengthens2003-09-01
Latest security threat: rabbits2003-09-01
Who's going to pay for this, eh?2003-09-01
A dangerous precedent? For whom?2003-09-01
Another headache to deal with2003-09-01
The US government has paid out $US542 million so far2003-06-01
Police in Kyrgyzstan arrested two men trying to sell2003-06-01
On Mar. 30, Japan shut down its 148 MW Fugen prototype nuclear reactor2003-06-01
Was the invasion a vast experiment?2003-06-01
Greenpeace says test it commissioned2003-09-01
Meanwhile, a study by the University College Dublin2003-09-01
On Jun. 25, the South African2003-09-01
Refusing to let up2003-09-01
It's got to go back!2003-09-01
Evacuation plan rejected by locals2003-09-01
Sooner or later you're going to miss something2003-09-01Picard, Ken
When Oscar Shirani discovered that his employer2003-09-01
India's Atomic Energy Regulatory Board has denied2003-09-01
US president George W. Bush has nominated2003-09-01
Another big rip off2003-09-01
It'll take at least 10 years longer than expected2003-09-01
The estimate cost to repair Ohio's2003-09-01
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development2003-09-01
The Ontario government is giving2003-09-01
On Jun 24, the British government announced2003-09-01
Up to $US2 billion is needed to clean up areas2003-09-01
A new study of claims made by the US Department of Energy2003-09-01
Senate endorses bid to jump-start US lacklustre nuclear industry2003-09-01
The director of Britain's office for civil2003-09-01
A Scottish resarcher claims he's found a way2003-09-01
Three incidents in May and June suggest2003-09-01
Pine trees near the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear plant2003-09-01
Nuking the red planet2003-09-01
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