Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
VIRGIL C SUMMER, USA Virgil C. Summer, South Carolina, USA 4
NUCLEAR ENERGY very general 461
TRANSMUTATION Versplijten of radioactive waste into short-lived elements 1
VERMONT YANKEE, USA Vermont Yankee, Vermont, USA 94
VEW Vereinigte Elektrizitätswerke Westfalen, Germany 17
VERBOIS, ZWITSERLAND Verbois, Switzerland 1
VDEN VDEN: Association Direkt Hours Electriciteits busines. Ned. 4
VANDELLOS, SPANJE Vandellos, Spain 21
VALLECITOS VBWR, USA Vallecitos VBWR, California, USA 2
VALLECITOS EVSR, USA Vallecitos EVSR, California, USA 2
VALDECABALLEROS, SP. Valdecaballeros, Spain 4
UTAH INT. Utah International Inc. 1
HYDROGEN PRODUCTION Use of nuclear power for production of hydrogen 46
HARSHAW CHEMICAL USA. Company, enrichment, releases into environment 1
SIERRA BLANCA USA, Texas: Location low-level waste storage 18
ANDREWS COUNTY USA, Texas, two locations for storing LAVA. 2
EXELON CORPORATION USA owner nucl. factories, engaged in development PBMR 126
HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING USA & Europe (Netherlands). Company (60's / 70's) 4
YUCCA MOUNTAIN US; Nevada, underground waste repository 443
LES (LOUIS.ENER.SERVICES) US; consortium; no location! (Eg. Urenco, Exelon) 115
NRC US: Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1209
HADDAM NECK, USA US: Nuclear Power Northeast Utilities (NU) in Connecticut 29
NASA - USA US: National Aviation Organisation 71
EXIM - BANK US: export-import bank 7
NEVADA TEST SITE US test area subcritical nuclear tests and tests 91
RERTR US program against proliferation HEU fuel 20
HAWAI US portion that in the cut articles are listed separately 5
ENVIROCARE US company wants to arrange storage in Texas (and LLW in Iraq) 16