Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
CBNM - NUCL.METINGEN Central Management for Nuclear Measurements, Mol 1
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF S First National Bank of Boston, USA 1
TRIESTE Italy: ICTP; IAEA Centre for Theoretical Physics 1
EDP (ELECTR. DE PORTUGAL) Portuguese electricity company 1
TEAM INDUSTRIES German business among others involved in illeg. Pakistan supplies 1
EAGLE ALLIANCE American pro-nuclear pressure group 1
OPEN-ORG.PROD.ÉN.NUC Organisation des Producteurs d'Nuclear Energy - OPEN 1
MINSK, SU Minsk, SU 1
SAVANNAH RIVER CORPORATIO BNFL subsidiary involved in cleaning Savannah River 1
SIFF Siemens consortium Framatome-Fabricom 1
TEN The European Nuc Worker (trade union lobby) 1
DEUTSCHE BAHN Railways, transports material R.A. 1
DEILMAN HANIEL GMBH Together with Thyssen AG Schachtbau owner Scha Real Gorleben 1
SCHAECHTE GORLEBEN AG joint venture Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH & Deilman Haniel GmbH 1
WAYSS & FREYTAG AG company involved in Gorleben via share Deilmann Haniel 1
ANDORRA country in Europe 1
ACADEMY OF SCIENCE INST. OR NUCLEAR PHYSICS in Uzbekistan, HEU research reactors 1
SOSNY SCIENCE & TECHNICAL Belarus: center research reactor 1
JADUGUDA location uranium mining 1
GELDERLAND Dutch province 1
ALLIED CHEMICALS Allied Chemicals 1
PEN Provincial Electricity Company North Holland 1
NAM NAM: Dutch Petroleum Company, Assen 1
ENERGIENED Netherlands. Owner of e-distribution and transportation network 1
DUTCH ANTILLES group of islands Caribbean Sea 1
UEGA Uranium Enrichment Group of Australia 1
WESTMORELAND Uranium Mining, Australia 1
SOUTH ALLIGATOR MINES Uranium Mining, Australia 1
WIM Wimmera Industrial Minerals, part of CRA ltd 1