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Waste Dumping Newsletter (1980 - 1983)

United Kingdom was one of the countries dumping radioactive waste in sea. From the late-seventies, those dumping operations -usually once a year- attracted much protest, and due to that media attention, which resulted in a ban on dumping nuclear waste in sea in 1983. This newsletter, from the London based Anti-Nuclear Campaign primarily focuses on dumping of radioactive waste in sea but also other aspects of the back-end of the nuclear cycle.

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Unfortunately, we do not have the issues before May 1981 Nr 05, May 1981; Nr 06, July 1981; Nr 07, September 1981;
Nr 08, February 1982; Nr 09, April 1982; Nr 10 & 11, August 1982; Nr 12, December 1982;
Nr 13, April 1983;

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