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Nukleel? Journal Breton d'information nucléaire (1978 - 1982)

Nukleel, Journal d'information nucléaire, was the magazine of the local anti-nuclear committees in Brittany, engaged in the fight against the Plogoff nuclear power plant. It was published by the Landerneau local committee for four years, despite the rudimentary means at the disposal of the editors. The number of copies distributed ranged between 3,000 and 5,000. It was then an essential link between the different committees, and now a living testimony of the struggle.
Before starting digitizing the Laka collection, it was found the magazine is already available at the French website in honour of the struggle against Plogoff: Plogoff, Chronique d'une lutte contre la nucléaire

nr 1, November 1978 nr 2, January 1979 nr 3, March 1979 nr 4, June 1979
nr 5, September 1979 nr 6, December 1979 nr 7, February/March 1980 nr 8, April/May 1980
nr 8 supplement, May 1980 nr 9, June/July 1980 nr 10, December 1980/January 1981 nr 11, February/March 1981
nr 12, April/May 1981 nr 13, June/July 1981 nr 14, December 1981/January 1982 nr 15, May/June 1982

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