North America: Mexico

Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
22-03-2023INES 2Missing Dangerous Source at Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico.Salamanca, Guanajuato, State.
14-02-2023INES 0Stolen Moisture and Density Testing GaugeHermosillo, Sonora.
14-09-2022INES 1Missing Dangerous Source at Estado de MexicoEstado de Mexico
11-04-2021INES 1Stolen Radiography Camera.Teoloyucan, Mexico State /
19-09-2020INES 1Stolen Catgeory-2 source at Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, México.Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
08-02-2021INES 1Stolen Radioactive Source in Mexico on February 8 at some point of the road between Apaseo el Alto and Salamanca, Guanajuato.Salamanca, Guanajuato State
03-10-2020INES 1Stolen Radiography CameraCalpulalpan- Texcoco road (Km 59) / Transport
16-11-2019INES 2Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hrLAGUNA VERDE-1
25-09-2019INES 2STOLEN DENSITITY GAUGEReynosa, Tamaulipas
09-09-2019INES 0Lost of radioactive sealed sourceMorelia. Michoacan
12-02-2019INES 2Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hrLAGUNA VERDE-1
06-07-2018INES 1Stolen industrial radiography device in Mexico CityMexico City
08-02-2018INES 1Stolen Moisture/Density Gauge in León, GuanajuatoComunidad Santa Ana del Conde, León, Guanajuato.
16-10-2017INES 1Stolen and recovered radioagraphy cameraTepic, Nayarit
01-08-2017INES 1Stolen radioactive materialSan Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo León
23-04-2017INES 2Stolen source in Tlaquepaque, JaliscoTlaquepaque, Jalisco
23-01-2017INES 1Stolen and recovered nuclear densimeterCiudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
13-02-2017INES 1Stolen source in San Juan del Río, Queretaro, MexicoSan Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico
05-08-2016INES 1Stolen Source at Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MexicoCiudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
03-07-2014INES 1Stolen pick-up truck with Ir-192 cat II sourceAtizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico State
02-12-2013INES 3Missing Dangerous Source at Tepojaco, Hidalgo, MexicoTepojaco, Hidalgo, Mexico
03-02-2015INES 1Missing Dangerous Source at Salamanca, GuanajuatoSalamanca, Guanajuato
14-04-2015INES 1Missing Dangerous Source at Cárdenas, Tabasco, MéxicoCárdenas, Tabasco, México
24-01-2011INES 0Hydrogen Recombiner functional testing not satisfactoryLAGUNA VERDE-2
19-01-2011INES 2Reactor trip due to high pressure in the reactor pressure vesselLAGUNA VERDE-2
15-01-2011INES 0Reactor trip due to failure in the Main GeneratorLAGUNA VERDE-1
22-10-2010INES 1Potential damage in riser pipe at Laguna Verde NPP U2LAGUNA VERDE-2
02-12-2010INES 1Non Usual Event declared due to loss of outside power at Laguna Verde NPP U1LAGUNA VERDE-1
21-11-1998INES 2Fuel assembly drop during refuellingLAGUNA VERDE-1