Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
17-07-1999INES 2Workers exposure exceeding a statutory annual dose limitCHERNOBYL-3, Ukraine
08-05-1999INES 2Melting of a radioactive source with scrap metalsSCRAPYARD, Greece
08-06-1999INES 0Malfunction of the feedwater control valve caused reactor tripKRSKO, Slovenia
25-05-1999INES 2Temporary Loss of the seawater cooling systemsBARSEBECK-2, Sweden
25-02-1999INES 0Core instability occurred during maintenance performed in the switchyardOSKARSHAMN-2, Sweden
11-04-1999INES 2Spillage of radioactive materialsBNFL, Sellafield, United Kingdom
23-03-1999INES 2Theft of a vehicle containing a GAM80 gamma radiography unit (with 80 Ci source)Mesnil Amelot, France
11-03-1999INES 2Dose to a worker exceeding a statutory annual dose limitTRICASTIN-1, France
28-01-1999INES 1Loss of reactor annulus integrityTRILLO-1, Spain
27-12-1998INES 2Loss of off-site power supplies at Hunterston B Power StationHUNTERSTON-B1 UNIT A, United Kingdom
10-11-1998INES 2Workers exposure during weld testsZAPOROZHE-3, Ukraine
02-10-1998INES 2Switch off of a protection device during periodic inspectionPHEBUS, France
31-08-1998INES 0Reactor trip breaker train B undervoltage card damageKRSKO, Slovenia
21-04-1998INES 2Modification to main steam and main feed isolation valves leading to degradation of reactor protection systemsSIZEWELL-A UNIT B, United Kingdom
28-07-1998INES 0Small short-term fire in the electric rectifier in the NPP DukovanyDUKOVANY-1, Czech Republic
11-06-1998INES 2Automatic shutdown of the reactor caused by spurious triggering of the containment spray system and jamming of a control cluster in the high position during this shutdownBELLEVILLE-2, France
06-06-1998INES 2Unavailability of 1 out of 4 main steam safety and relief valve stationUNTERWESER, Germany
19-05-1998INES 2SG blow down pipe rupture at Kozloduy NPP unit 1 during refuelling outageKOZLODUY-1, Bulgaria
13-05-1998INES 2Large leak in the residual heat removal system (RHR)CIVAUX-1, France
07-05-1998INES 2Loss of ventilation in Dounreay fuel cycle areaDOUNREAY, United Kingdom
14-03-1998INES 2Radiation overexposure of personnel while performing refuellig activitiesBILIBINO UNIT D, Russian Federation
03-03-1998INES 0Reactor trip resulting from fast acting scram system (FASS) actuationIGNALINA-1, Lithuania
29-09-1997INES 3Worker irradiation from a Co-60 source after a gamma radiographyTREVISO, Italy
09-11-1997INES 0Small short-term fire in the switchboard in the NPP DukovanyDUKOVANY-1, Czech Republic
26-03-1997INES 1Worker contamination for AM-241 inhalation when manipulating a radiation detectorVANDELLOS-1, Spain
26-07-1997INES 1Slightly increased radioactivity release outside the reactor while preparing for removal of leaky fuel assemblyMIR-M1, RU-0013, Russian Federation
27-09-1997INES 2Closed valves in the containment spray pumps' suction lines during the non-nuclear phase of start-up after refuelingRINGHALS-4, Sweden
22-08-1997INES 2Fresh fuel assembly damage during refuellingSOUTH UKRAINE-2, Ukraine
17-08-1997INES 1Automatic protection system disconnected during non nuclear heat up after refuellingRINGHALS-2, Sweden
20-08-1997INES 2Sticking of one control rod during reactor protection actuation after the turbine control system's testPAKS-3, Hungary