Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
22-12-2005INES 0Activation of emergency plan support to Torness Power StationTORNESS UNIT A, United Kingdom
09-12-2005INES 2Anomaly on safety pumps of 900 MW reactorsAll NPP - generic, France
25-11-2005INES 1I-192 sealed source stolenORAT s.r.l. Company for industrial non destructive analysis, Italy
04-07-2005INES 2Inadequate protection relays and related setpointsTIHANGE-2, Belgium
11-04-2005INES 2Three unshielded Cs-137 radioactive sources found at scrap yardJewometaal, Rotterdam-Botlek, Netherlands
25-08-2004INES 2Circumferential break of Essential Service Water (ESW) hatch neck pipeVANDELLOS-2, Spain
20-04-2005INES 3Fractured Pipe in Thorp Reprocessing plantBNFL, Sellafield, United Kingdom
10-03-2005INES 2Overexposure of a worker at the Frederic Joliot hospital section in Orsay (91)Hospital, France
26-07-2004INES 2Worker injured and contaminated at the French MOX processing plant MELOXMELOX Fuel process plant, France
22-06-2004INES 2Non-compliance with regulations during transport of radioactive materialPaul Scherrer Institute; Wuerenlingen,, Switzerland
29-11-2004INES 1Radioactive orphan source of Eu-152,154non-nuclear, Croatia
20-10-2004INES 1Unplanned exposure of workersPorvoo, Finland
20-09-2004INES 0Event at a Studsvik laboratory producing radioactive sourcesStudsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden
24-09-2004INES 1Loss of an excepted package shipped to SlovakiaTransport International, France
09-09-2004INES 0Loss of a type A package in FranceTransportation/France, France
17-07-2004INES 1Loss of an excepted package between Saclay (France) and La Habana (Cuba)Transport International, France
28-05-2004INES 1Violation of heat-up rate during restart of reactorLEIBSTADT, Switzerland
28-05-2004INES 1Violation of Containment ventilation operation modeLEIBSTADT, Switzerland
14-06-2004INES 1Theft of two low activity radioactive sources in PalaiseauTransportation/France, France
06-06-2004INES 1Small leakage from Residual Heat Removal System.TEMELIN-2, Czech Republic
16-05-2004INES 1Fire on electric cables in Cattenom-2 NPPCATTENOM-2, France
22-04-2004INES 2Workers overexposureSGS TECNOS,S.A., Spain
09-03-2004INES 2Generic anomaly on some power supply boxes of the French pressurised water reactorsAll NPP - generic, France
23-02-2004INES 1Loss of a type A package between Saclay (France) and Nuremberg (Germany)Transport International, France
01-03-2004INES 1Sealed sources stolen from an industrial non destructive test companyI. C. Q. MODI/Massafra (Taranto), Italy
12-01-2004INES 2Cs137 shielded radioactive source smelted in metal recycling facilityAcciaierie Beltrame, metal recycling facility, Vicenza, Italy
16-12-2003INES 1Process vessel with natural uranium compound found in stainless steel scrapJewometaal, Rotterdam-Botlek, Netherlands
31-12-2003INES 2Anomaly on the water recirculation circuits of French pressurised water reactorsAll NPP - generic, France
11-11-2003INES 2Unshielded strontium-90 (Sr-90/Y-90) radioactive source found in metalscrap from NigeriaREUKEMA BLOCQ EN MANESCHIJN B.V., Harderwijk, Netherlands
27-08-2003INES 0Unexpected closure of the main steam line isolation valve caused reactor tripKRSKO, Slovenia