Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
30-05-2013INES 1EDG failed to start after unintentional loss of two phases on 400 kV incoming offsite supplyFORSMARK-3, Sweden
02-12-2013INES 2Internal contamination of radiation workers during radioactive waste managementRad. Waste and Disposal Facility at Puspokszilagy, Hungary
22-11-2013INES 1Found orphan Cs-137 sourceTornio, Steel factory, Finland
14-09-2013INES 3Overxposure of an industrial radiographerRefinery, Lingen, Germany
22-11-2013INES 1Two radioactive sources containing Co-60 lost or stolenBełchatów Power Station (coal-fired power plant), Poland
31-10-2013INES 2Exposure of workers performing industrial radiographybuilding construction site of thermo PP Šoštanj, Slovenia
14-09-2013INES 3Overxposure of an industrial radiographerRefinery, Lingen, Germany
08-10-2013INES 0Discovery of damaged fuel rods during core unloading and fuel inspectionsKRSKO, Slovenia
23-08-2013INES 2Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limitsLAMA (CEA Grenoble), France
19-02-2013INES 2Deficiency in the safety evaluation of the primary reactor drain lineHigh Flux Reactor Petten, Netherlands
24-04-2013INES 2Accidental exposure of a worker exceeding annual regulatory limit to the skinBLAYAIS-4, France
13-06-2012INES 2Irradiation of a worker while handling an Iridium 192 sourceFos-sur-Mer, France
06-05-2013INES 2Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective dose by a practitioner in interventional radiologyHospital "Institut Mutualiste Montsouris" (Paris), France
19-11-2012INES 2loss of a package containing medical radioactive fluorine, during a transport operation in NimesNîmes University Hospital, France
02-05-2013INES 2Overexposure of 4 persons exceeding the statutory annual whole body dose limit for workers (20 mSv)Nuclear Engineering Seiberdorf, Univ. Innsbruck, Austria
28-02-2013INES 2Overexposure of a workerJyväskylä, Finland
26-09-2012INES 2ASN decided to uprate as level 2 on the INES scale an event related to non-compliance with the requirements applicable to labelling, storage and on-site transfer of wet fissile materialsAREVA-FBFC, France
12-10-2012INES 1Radioactive gauge, lost and foundAluminium SA, Greece
19-09-2012INES 2Overexposure of a radiographerStork Technical Service, Belgium
05-10-2012INES 2Overexposure of a workerIRM group sa - Alleur, Belgium
09-09-2012INES 2Three radioactive level gauges stolen and later found openDevnya town, Bulgaria
05-09-2012INES 1Inadequate planned repair of the 10UV68S201 quick-acting gate valve despite of the regulations of the Operational Limits and ConditionsPAKS-1, Hungary
03-09-2012INES 1Stolen and lately recovered intact radioactive sourceSofia, Bulgaria
19-04-2012INES 2Worker overexposureGreek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), Greece
09-05-2012INES 2Discovery of orphan source in a steel millAlcal, Spain
05-04-2012INES 1Fire and abnormal primary circuit leak occured at Penly NPP n°2 reactorPENLY-2, France
20-02-2012[n/a]Spillage from water pipe in the room with nuclear materialsInstitute for Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Serbia
23-02-2012INES 1Am-241 source meltingOutokumpu Tornio Works, Finland
09-01-2012INES 2Overexposure of a worker in a lead foundrylead foundry TRIANGL s.r.o. at Hrob, Czech Republic
21-12-2011INES 2Level 2 incident on INES scale concerning a pipe nonconformity in two Cattenom NPP fuel storage poolsCATTENOM-2 and 3, France